Tips for choosing the perfect prom dress in 2018

Despite the fact that graduation is usually a spring-summer celebration, future graduates and their parents begin to prepare for it at the beginning of the year. After all, everyone wants to look amazing on this day. Especially worry about their image of a girl. And in order to slightly simplify the difficult task of preparing for one of the most important days in life, we have compiled a selection of the latest trends and useful tips on choosing a dream dress.

Be like a princess

Designers are happy to work on special collections for the prom, because such outfits are in demand every year. In the future season, fashion gurus distinguish three main trends:

Of course, this does not mean that the rest of the models have sunk into oblivion; you can also select and wear them, as before, especially if it is “your style” that makes an image perfect.

As for the color scheme, it is worth to look at such topical shades as:

  • Turquoise - all tones and halftones will be in trend.It can be a saturated bright color, or a pale, barely noticeable azure hue.
  • Blue. The dress of noble dark color will look really rich, cobalt will add an extra touch of cool charm, and light - tenderness and romance.
  • Gray. To many, it may seem mundane and boring. But in this case, you can play on the contrast by making a bright make-up and completing the image with bright accessories. A smoky gray outfit from a thin flying fabric will make the image of the girls light and elegant.
  • Red, scarlet, burgundy, royal burgundy - they all remain in fashion, despite the fact that stylists consider them not quite suitable for young persons.
  • White and Ivory. Until recently, these colors were used mainly for wedding dresses, but the designers ventured to try to “embed” them in graduation fashion.

Actual trends

Among the huge number of beautiful dresses it is easy to get confused. That is why we draw your attention to the most fashionable models in the future prom season, among which, we are sure, every girl will find her ideal.

Open back

This style is perfect for girls with small chest size, shifting the accents to the beautiful, thin outlines of the back.The most discreet option - with an open area of ​​the shoulder blades, for the more courageous ladies there are models with a completely bare back.

But, as in the case of the neckline, the measure is important here. If you choose an open back, then give preference to maxi or midi length. Mini will look too frank.

Naked shoulders

Dresses with bare shoulders make the image more gentle and touching. These can be models simply with a lowered shoulder line or complemented by a thin lace sleeve. In the trend is also a model with a bodice closed from the neck to the chest (by type of top).

Incredibly solemn look dresses with open shoulders and a full skirt. And if the top and bottom will have a different texture, for example, a guipure bodice and a chiffon skirt, then you can definitely claim the title of fashionista and the Queen of the prom. Such dresses are suitable for girls with narrow shoulders, since they visually increase them.

Particularly noteworthy are models in retro-style with a flat line of shoulders and a wide V-shaped neckline. Silk and satin are the ideal fabrics for this style.


Its main advantage is universality. It is suitable for any type of figure, because it helps to visually adjust the line of the hips and waist. So solemn are such outfits, made of satin.The decor of lace and stones, located on the bodice or the hem of the dress, is welcomed.


In 2018, this style will also be at the peak of popularity, being a real benchmark of elegance, allowing you to feel like a star on the red carpet.

A long dress, extending to the bottom of the knee, really resembles the tail of the heroine of a famous fairy tale, beautifully emphasizing the delicate camp of young girls. It is ideal for the fair sex with the type of hourglass figure.

By the way, this year the “Little Mermaids” can also be presented with a set of a short top and a long skirt “with a tail”, although then they can already be attributed to our next category.


This option is ideal for graduates, besides, it is the hit of the season. It has elegance and at the same time some kind of youthful enthusiasm and lightness. Stylists recommend choosing a short top from guipure and a fluffy tulle skirt that blends in color.

The undoubted advantage of such a kit in its practicality, things can be worn separately for a long time.

For the demonstration of slender legs, designers do not exclude short dresses, although they do not attach special importance to this season, emphasizing the elegance and sophistication of midi and maxi dresses.

Buy, order online or sew to order - the choice is yours. But most importantly, he was successful. Be irresistible!

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