Top 10 best resorts in Europe

If you are going to bask in the sun, soak up the waters of warm seas, gain positive emotions and admire fantastic views of nature, but do not have a particular desire to go far beyond Europe, then it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the rating of its best and most popular holiday destinations.

Each year, travel agencies and reputable glossy publications introduce the whole world to a list of the most top beaches in Europe, where they take into account not only the level of rest, but also the possibility of travel, entertainment and, of course, reviews of real people who have already managed to go there and add up their opinions.

1. HarbourBeach, city of Tenby, UK

Opens our top 10 best resorts in Europe, the city of Tenby, which is located in the southwestern part of Wales, and boasts a picturesque harbor with a sandy paradise beach Harbor Beach. The picturesque old port, as well as possible, borders on the magnificent medieval castle and the city, which is very compactly located on the nearby hills.

Harbor Beach, Tenby City

The local beach is ideal for family holidays, and outdoor enthusiasts may like the trail, which is laid on the hills and cliffs, offering a wonderful view of the harbor. Such a high position in the rating, the beach, first of all, received for the purity of the sea, the picturesque scenery and good reviews of travelers.

2. Mykonos Island, Greece

This is one of the European resorts, which has long become a real legend, it is not in vain that it occupies an honorable second place in our rating. This is an ideal place for all those who wish to have a good rest in the atmosphere of an eternal holiday, sun and warmth, luxury and wealth, because this resort is definitely not cheap.

Mykonos Island

He does not even need advertising, because the summer trip to this island is the same thing as visiting the Alps in winter. Here you can walk through the cozy streets, admire the traditional white houses with bright windows, as well as enjoy the exquisite churches, go into the colorful taverns and, naturally, enjoy the beautiful sea coast.

3. Aja-Napa, Cyprus

Another popular resort, which, thanks to a huge number of discos, bars and water parks, received the title of "second Ibiza".This is truly a youth and active resort, where, at the same time, married couples can relax quite well even with small children, because in the daytime it is quiet and peaceful here.

Aja-Napa, Cyprus

Among other things, Ayia Napa is perfect for lovers of scuba diving, and the local calm waters are perfect for beginners as well as for experienced professionals who explore with great pleasure the wreckage of ships, small underwater caves and rock formations.

4. Brac Island, Croatia

This is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful islands of Croatia, crowded with vineyards, pine and olive groves. It is here that an amazing wine is made, which is necessarily served with local seafood and fish dishes.


On the island there are two popular resorts - Bol and Suletar, the last of which is rather widely known for its unique medieval buildings. In addition, it is on the island of Brac that one of the most beautiful beaches of all Croatia, Zlatni Rat, is located. In form, it resembles an elongated horn, surrounded on three sides by a transparent turquoise sea, and on the fourth - a pine forest.It is thanks to this unique creation of nature, the island of Brac and occupies an honorable fourth place in our ranking.

5. Formentera Island, Spain

For those who love peace and quiet, the smallest of all the Balearic Islands, Formentera, is ideal. There is only one settlement, but the island has become one of the best places for a beach holiday in the Mediterranean. On the island you can find several beaches that are famous for their amazing purity and beauty of the species, and one of them, Plas de Pujols, was even awarded the title of environmentally friendly!

Island formentera

6. Lagos, Portugal

Another ideal place for a family holiday: beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water and golden sandy beaches will not leave you indifferent. The main attraction of this resort is a non-standard entrance to the sea, which is surrounded by tall stones, forming almost sheer cliffs.

Lagos, Portugal

7. Brittany, France

This city, by right, is considered one of the most original French provinces. Brittany on three sides is surrounded by the sea, which has formed on its coast numerous coves, small islands and capes.

Brittany, France

It is never very cold here, just as it is never too hot, besides, Brittany is popular for its unique powerful tides, which can recede and return during the day, changing coastal landscapes several times. For a holiday resort is best suited small island Ile Vierge, which is located on the highest lighthouse in all of Europe.

8. Fuerteventura, Spain

One of the largest islands of the Canary archipelago, a place of warmth, sun and solitude. Thanks to the good wind, this island has become a favorite place for surfers, and the huge sandy beaches also attract couples who appreciate high-quality and quiet rest.

Fuerteventura, Spain

Once upon a time, a lot of dense forests grew on the island, however, for many years the Europeans cut down most of them, and as a result Fuerteventura acquired unusual landscapes that are ideal for shooting westerns.

9. Albufeira, Portugal

Another of the most popular resorts in Portugal, which boasts a mild climate, excellent cuisine, hundreds of clubs and discos, as well as great opportunities for water sports enthusiasts.The town is surrounded by beautiful beaches and orange trees, therefore, tired of a beach holiday, you can always go for a walk, admire the views and, if you wish, choose some kind of water entertainment, for example, water skiing or jet skiing.

Albufeira, Portugal

10. Protaras, Cyprus

A small resort town with sandy beaches and beautiful rocky coves, which is ideal for couples in love and family holidays. Literally some 10-20 years ago, only groves of bushes and fig trees could be found here, and today it is a resort with a developed infrastructure, modern hotels and, of course, ideal beaches.

Protaras, Cyprus

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