Top 10 home "long-livers"

The rhythm of modern life is becoming faster, and the peace and comfort of home furnishings are valued more and more. Woman`s Day together with specialists of the company "Propleks" represent ten components of a modern interior, which will give you comfort and will serve you for more than a decade.

According to psychologists, a person entering a room first of all pays attention to the ceiling, then to the walls, and then to everything else — furniture, appliances, and decorative elements. Let's start in order.

Furniture life
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Stretch ceiling

Modern technologies do not stand still, so whitewashing and water-based paint are now successfully replaced by suspended ceilings, which can be made in any color and pattern. For a long time they do not fade and do not change color (stretch ceiling service life - 20 years). Thanks to the use of stretch ceilings, among other things, the room will be reliably protected from leakage. For example, if a neighbor breaks a pipe from the top, the water will not flow along your walls, but will accumulate in the stretch ceiling.This will help to avoid repairs. And the water gathered in the film will be pumped out by the specialist of the company that installed the coating, after which the surface will again look like new.

Brick walls

As is known, one of the classic materials for walls is brick. A house made of it will last about 150 years. But brick can be used not only as a building material, but also as a decorative tool. Part of the wall, lined with brick, will be a bright accent in the interior.

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