Top 10 horror movies based on real events

When we hear in the upcoming premiere of the film that the plot is based on real events, the interest in the picture is heated even more. Often this is just a trick of filmmakers who skillfully increase the audience of viewers. But today we will present you the top ten horror films, the events in which the plot really took place in real life.

Scary and exciting

Lovers watch horror movies at night, and tickle your nerves, not so little. What drives such people - courage, thirst for new sensations and adrenaline? Every lover of creepy movies has his own reason. But today we will please everyone.


Connoisseurs of acting, Charlize Theron will definitely be scared first of all by her image, for which the woman gained extra pounds, completely plucked her eyebrows and agreed to insert an ugly artificial jaw. In the film, she plays a confused killing her customers.

And history really had a place to be. In the late 1980s, a real prostitute named Eileen Carol Vurnos killed seven men and was sentenced to death.

"SixdemonsEmily Rose

At a time when the Catholic Church "hunted" for those possessed by the devil, and considered it their duty to expel evil from people, the priest was asked to hold a session with a young girl. But the process of exorcism ended with her death, and the priest was charged with murder.

The plot of the film was built on the real story of 16-year-old Anneli Michel from Germany, in which, according to her parents, the demon came. Two priests took almost a year to expel him.


One of the best films in its genre. Young couple - lovers of diving, go to the Bahamas, relax and explore the underwater world. But the boat that was supposed to take them to the picturesque places, swam away, leaving them 15 km from the shore. And when the couple rises to the surface of the water, with horror discovers that they were surrounded by a pack of sharks.

The real events are just as eerie. In 1998, Thomas and Eileen Lonergan left the boat on the high seas, and their disappearance was discovered only two days later.A grandiose rescue operation was deployed, but it was not possible to find the spouses. After a while, a surfboard was found on which a prayer for help was written.

"27 degrees Fahrenheit"

It all starts simply and unpretentiously: four friends, wanting to relax and unwind, rent a house on the lakeside and go to the sauna. But rest turns to panic and horror when three of them discover that they are locked outside. And the temperature in the meantime continues to rise.

The ending of the true story that happened in Georgia, fortunately, was happy, and the men were saved. And it all happened by an absurd accident, when one of the friends, going out to the toilet, closed the door of the steam room to the lock.

"Executioner Dahmer"

Is it possible to call a person a creature that killed, dismembered and ate 15 innocent victims? The whole film is an attempt to find an explanation for what happened, and to understand the nature of this, to find out the reasons that make a person turn into a monster.

And it becomes even more terrible when you realize that such a person actually existed. Jeffrey Dahmer - a serial killer from the United States, which is extremely brutally killed 17 young people.Psychiatric examination, by the way, recognized him as quite sane.

"Fire in the sky"

The picture, which is worth seeing for those who love stories about aliens. Chilling story about how a lumberjack kidnapped ominous aliens.

The film is based on the book by the scientist Travis Walton, in which he tells the story of how he fell victim to the abduction of alien beings and the experiments they conducted.


Immortal thriller of Alfred Hitchcock. A young girl, with the hope of a comfortable and happy life, steals 40 thousand dollars at work and embarks on a run. Everything goes according to plan exactly until the moment when she stops at a roadside hotel, where she has to meet his master.

The plot is based on the events in Wisconsin. A maniac named Ed Gin admitted to committing two murders, but as it turned out, it was just the tip of the iceberg. In the course of the investigation, the police managed to find horrifying material evidence - furniture made of human bones and an apron from the victims' skin.

"From hell"

Fans of Johnny Depp at first even rejoiced that their idol played in a horror film.But over time, the euphoria was replaced to some extent even by fear, because the story of the police inspector who is investigating the murders committed by Jack the Ripper is not that funny.

The name of Jack the Ripper is known to almost everyone, but no one was able to figure out who he really was.

"Death Trap"

How do you like the idea of ​​getting rid of annoying and disagreeable clients of the hotel, feeding them to crocodiles? Agree, not the most humane. But the director Toub Hooper, based on a terrible truthful story, made a great movie for fans of horror films.

Its foundation was the story of Joe Boll, who fed more than 20 women to crocodiles, and never received a fair punishment. All because he shot himself when the police stopped him for interrogation.

"The hills have eyes"

To be stuck in the middle of the desert is an unpleasant prospect. And it turns into a nightmare when it turns out that the locality is inhabited by cannibals, seeking victims.

In the 16th century there were whole clans of cannibals living in caves. And before they were able to catch, they killed more than 1,000 people.

Our list can be easily supplemented with a dozen more paintings, but perhaps we’ll stop here.We think that thrill-seekers will find something new for themselves in our top.

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