Top 10 most famous princesses in the world

Well, what kind of girl does not dream of ever marrying a real prince on a white horse? All these magnificent dresses, beautiful crowns and jewels, magnificent castles, receptions and ball evenings - become a real fairy tale, however, it comes to life only in pictures of books or in movies.

But some of the ladies all this is given from birth, because they are real princesses, ladies of "blue blood". And what is even nicer - among the privileged list there are those who have been in this fairy tale, becoming a princess after a successful marriage. All of them are always of interest - shrouded in a halo of mystery, grandeur and some extravagance, who are they really?

Today we decided to talk about the most famous and prominent princesses of our time, slightly lift the veil of mystery and find out how they live today. Do they sit in the castle and wait for their betrothed, as it should be for all princesses from fairy tales?

1. Crown Princess Victoria, Sweden

Our top 10 is opened by the oldest daughter of the King of Sweden, Charles XVI, who is often credited with the titles of the bravest, most persistent and simply charming princess in the whole world. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that she was not afraid of the anger of the royal family, as well as censure by the public, and linked herself to marriage with an ordinary fitness trainer, whom she fell in love with without memory.

Such an act with great enthusiasm was adopted by the common people, which added to the princess points of popularity. The royal couple has already got a daughter, and in September of this year they confirmed that Victoria is expecting her second child.

2. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Madeleine is the younger sister of the Crown Princess Victoria, and the second daughter of the King of Sweden. The greatest attraction of the younger princess is called horses and travel. By the way, the first pony Madeleine was named Travolta, on which she already sat at the age of four.

Curious is the fact that it was the elder sister Victoria who was on the way to personal happiness! And the whole thing in Swedish law: the youngest of the princesses can not marry before the eldest. But I must say that in the end everything turned out to be as good as possible: both sisters have been married for a long time and both are happy in marriage.

3. Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco

Charlotte, who, by the way, is the native granddaughter of the brilliant beauty Grace Kelly, takes only fourth place in the queue for the Monaco throne, and, technically, does not bear the title of princess, although, in fact, this is only a convention.

A beautiful, intelligent, kind and beautiful girl from an early age dreamed of making sure that she appreciated not only a pretty appearance, but also an inner “filling”. As a result, Charlotte successfully unlearned in Europe, and over time, she chose the path of a successful business woman.

4. Princess Leticia, Spain

The next one on our list is that rare case when princesses become not by birth, but thanks to marriage. Leticia was born in an ordinary family, devoid of any titles, for a long time successfully worked as a correspondent and a journalist.

The future union of a simple journalist and prince Felipe did not want the royal family to accept from the very beginning, however, they still had to reckon with the opinion of their only son when he threatened to give up the throne. In addition, the entire Spanish throne came out on the side of the girl, and in 2004 a very beautiful and touching celebration was played.

5.Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, Thailand

The Princess, perhaps with the most difficult name, is the representative of one of the oldest ruling dynasties in the whole world. Despite the very impressive financial possibilities of the royal couple, she graduated from high school in Thailand, after which she graduated from the University of Applied Arts.

Since childhood, Sirivannavari was fond of fashion and decided not to postpone the dream indefinitely: she started creating her own clothing line, her collections with considerable success were presented on the most famous catwalks of Europe.

6. Princess Alexandra, Luxembourg

One of the youngest princesses on our list, Alexandra, is only 24 years old, but she has already managed to achieve a considerable amount! He speaks five languages, is active in horseback riding and tennis, and also deeply studies philosophy, history and literature.

7. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Another fairy tale with a happy ending: the girl Mary, daughter of a professor of applied mathematics, and she planned to devote her life to exact sciences. But that all changed after her acquaintance with Frederick, the crown prince of Denmark, at the Olympic Games in Sydney.Soon Mary moved to Europe, where she taught in Paris, and literally a year later her engagement to the prince took place.

8. Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway

One of the most discussed and controversial princesses, because her life before she became the official wife of the Prince of Norway, is full of dubious events, turbulent scenes and compromising photos, which, however, did not prevent her from radically changing her future.

Today Mette-Marit has changed a lot, it is supported by the people and even the royal family, which, for obvious reasons, first accepted the girl with great cold. Today, Mette-Marit and the Crown Prince have two common children.

9. Princess Masako, Japan

For many years now, Princess Masako, in addition to her official title, wears another, not the most pleasant one. She is called the “unfortunate princess”, she leads a rather closed lifestyle, the last few years have ceased to appear to the public, even in the most important ceremonies, the girl takes part extremely rarely. Why is that?

They say that the matter is in the extremely strict traditions of the Japanese court, because before marriage Masako was actively engaged in her own education, graduated from Harvard and dreamed of becoming a diplomat.But life at court obliges to something else that, perhaps, not everyone can do it, the result is a protracted depression of 10 years long, and even now it’s hard to say how Princess Masako copes with her royal life.

10. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

And although Kate is not officially a princess (she can become such only after the death of Queen Elizabeth II), the British have long given the title of folk princess to the sweet and beloved duchess. By the way, the story of Kate - another story about Cinderella, because she also does not belong to the nobility.

With her future husband, Prince William, she met at the university, relations with which were hidden for a long time for obvious reasons. As a result, the wedding of the century took place on April 29 - Kate and William tied the knot, and all brides after the celebration dreamed of the same dress as the English princess.

Today, Kate copes with her duties perfectly: she has two children, is actively involved in charitable activities, and is always ready to help those in need.

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