Top 10 most interesting series of 2012

Series love and watch many. And if all the series of new ones have already been revised, it makes sense to recall the series of the past. And which of them were popular in 2012?

So, the top 10 most popular TV shows of 2012:

1. "Justice of Dexter"- the series, which premiered in the distant 2006. But in 2012, this masterpiece continued to attract the attention of millions of viewers, riveting their gazes to the screens. The narrative is conducted from the main character - Dexter Morgan. At the age of three he witnessed the brutal murder of his own mother, and this scene, of course, left its mark on the boy’s psyche.

Justice of dexter

He was adopted by one of Miami’s best police officers, Harry Morgan, who, in time, noticed in his adopted son a desire to kill, and sent her on the right track. Dexter became an outstanding forensic scientist. This person has no feelings, emotions are alien to him.

But he skillfully calculates criminals and is bloodthirsty with them straightened out. But ordinary law-abiding citizens should not be afraid, death only catches up with those who have crossed the line of the law and tried to hide it.But one day a man appears who can outsmart Dexter. Can he be one step ahead?

2. “The Big Bang Theory”- comedy series about two real geniuses, which all are considered “nerds”. They know how the universe appeared, and they are also well versed in the laws of physics. But all this knowledge does not help Sheldon and Leonard in life. Two of these smart, but not very sociable and attractive young people do not know how to talk to girls.

Until some time they did not need attention of the fair sex, but once their neighbor was a beautiful and very nice Penny - a novice actress and waitress. Leonard practically falls in love with this young lady and tries to get her attention.

The Big Bang Theory

But Sheldon understands that these relationships are impossible and have no future. By the way, Sheldon and Leonard have two more brilliant but very funny friends: Wolowitz, who knows several languages ​​and uses his knowledge for other purposes, and Rajesh, who at the sight of a woman grows numb.

3. "Doctor House". The premiere took place in 2004, and the last series was released in 2012. In total, the audience managed to see 8 seasons, each of which presented a lot of positive emotions. In the center of the story is a team of doctors.Several young specialists should not only make the correct diagnosis for each patient, but also prescribe the correct treatment.

Dr. House

And all these young luminaries of medicine are ruled by the rude, but very charismatic doctor Gregory House. He himself does not like to communicate with patients, and therefore sends them to his wards and only corrects the actions of the latter. Dr. House seems unemotional, but at the same time he struggles with his own problem. The consequence of a late diagnosis was lameness and pain in one leg, which forced House to move with the cane.

And this very cane makes the doctor even more strict and formidable. Each series tells about the fate of one or more patients, as well as the relationship of the main characters. And all this is permeated with sweet and sometimes even subtle humor.

4. "Breaking Bad"- one of the best serials of 2012. This is a story about how one event can change a person’s life and literally make him go to hell.

Breaking bad

Walter White is a simple chemistry teacher who teaches junior high school. He has a pregnant wife, Skyler, and a wonderful son, Walter Jr., who suffers from cerebral palsy, but is, in essence, a normal teenager.The teacher lives a measured life, but one day he finds out that he has lung cancer. He decides that he is obliged to provide his family with a decent future and chooses a fairly lucrative, but illegal way of earning.

White begins to make methamphetamine. But he understands that the goods need somehow to be sold and therefore asks for help from his former student Jesse Pinkman, whom he himself expelled from school. So the ordinary teacher turns into a drug dealer, and a simple guy into a prudent and cold-blooded drug dealer.

5. “A stranger among his own”(the original name - "Motherland") - a real psychological thriller, which premiered in 2011. According to the plot, the protagonist of the Marine Corps sergeant Nicholas Brodi is missing in 2003 and is believed to have died during the hostilities. But during the secret operation, Nicholas is found at the base of the terrorists.

Alien among his

After 8 long years, he finally returns to his homeland. Some (including the country's leadership, as well as the public) consider him a real hero, while others suspect not only of treason, but also of preparing a terrorist act. CIA Middle East expert Carrie Matheson is investigating and clarifying some details.Yet their credibility is not proven, so Nicholas is still a stranger among his own.

6. “The Walking Dead”- a series based on a comic of the same name. It describes how people try to survive after an epidemic that has turned most of the world's population into real walking dead - zombies. At the center of the plot is Sheriff Rick Grimes, who, together with his family, is fleeing from the zombies and traveling the world to find a safe place and avoid death.

the walking Dead

Along with them moves a small group of survivors. Rick does everything to protect loved ones and relatives. But in fact, zombies are not the worst thing in this post-apocalyptic world. The fear of death of those who want to survive can be much more dangerous than the threat posed by the walking dead.

7. "How I Met Your Mother"- a very unusual, but funny and noteworthy series, the main character of which is Ted Mosby. In 2030, he tells his own children the story of how he met their mother, his wife. The peculiarity of this sitcom lies in the fact that many plots are considered several times from different points of view.And the story begins with the fact that Ted fell in love. But without troubles there was not.

How I Met your mother

First, Ted's friend Marshall tells him that he wants to make a proposal to his longtime lover Lily. The main character understands that he must find the other half as soon as possible, and another friend Barney, a bachelor who has his own point of view, helps him in the search. Suddenly Ted meets Robin and decides that it is she who is his love. But fate is sometimes very unpredictable.

8. "Edge"- sci-fi series, which premiered in 2008. The final fifth season came out in 2012 and attracted the attention of millions of television viewers. This series is about the somewhat eccentric scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter, as well as the special FBI agent Olivia Dunham.

The brink

All these people are studying aspects of science that are beyond the usual, such as telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, reincarnation, and more. There is a series of incomprehensible and inexplicable events that have a common name and are called “Model”. It includes unique phenomena, such as accelerated aging, the emergence of incomprehensible substances.

It seems that someone above seems to be conducting experiments. Peter, Walter and Olivia are trying to find out the causes of what is happening and they link the events with the activities of the Massive Dynamic company, which is engaged in research and has many patents on unique, important technologies. As a result, it turns out that there is another universe, in which everything is different than in the real world.

9. "Revolution"- a fantastic dramatic post-apocalyptic series about the world of the future, in which, after an inexplicable phenomenon, all technologies from simple electrical appliances to power stations stopped working. People were forced to learn to live in a new world, but they failed to maintain order. In some cities militia soldiers rule.


But in the center of events are the Mathesons. They have a certain subject that will help to uncover the mystery of the events that occurred 15 years ago and which led to the collapse of the power system. But they are forced to hide from the new government and cannot use this item for its intended purpose.

10. “Elementary”. The premiere of this series took place in 2012, and he immediately attracted the attention of viewers. At the heart of the plot - a book by Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes.But the action takes place today. Modern Sherlock Holmes - a former drug addict who was sent for rehabilitation and after her stayed in Brooklyn and began working as a police consultant in New York.


These were the best TV shows of 2012.

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