Top 10 of the most famous lakes in the world

There are many beautiful places on our planet that attract tourists like a magnet. Most often they are located near ponds, rivers and seas. But perhaps the most interesting and mysterious of them are the lakes. They come in completely different shapes and sizes, vary in depth and color of water. Each lake is a separate ecosystem with its unique flora and fauna.

Nature near these bodies of water is absolutely unique. The quiet waters of the lakes often hide in themselves many secrets and mysteries. They are surrounded by all sorts of legends and superstitions. Therefore, the lakes are of genuine interest to those who wish to touch something mysterious. But be that as it may, these places are worth a visit just for seeing with my own eyes the perfect beauty that nature has created.

We offer you the Top 10 most popular among tourists, and the most famous for its beauty lakes in the world:

  1. Melissani Lake, Greece

This is one of the most beautiful cave lakes in the world. It is located on the island of Kefalonia.Initially, this lake was completely underground, but 4 thousand years ago the dome of the cave collapsed as a result of a strong earthquake. But the beauty of this place went unnoticed for a very long time, until a local shepherd discovered the cave. The main feature of Melissani is perfectly clean water.

At a depth of 14 meters you can fully consider every pebble. Because of the transparency of the water, it seems that the boats that float on the lake just hang in the air. The best time to visit Melissani is noon, since it is at this time that the sun's rays completely illuminate the cave and reach the bottom of the lake.

Depending on the angle of illumination, the color of the water changes: from turquoise to almost black. In addition, the vaults of the cave in which the lake is located are covered with lush greenery, which gives it even greater charm and mystery. No wonder the ancient Greeks believed that in Melissani nymphs live, as well as the god Pan (patron of forests, hunters and shepherds).

  1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The Plitvice Lakes are located on the territory of the largest Croatian national park and are a cascade of 16 lakes.Water from each lake flows into the lake, which is located one level below. Thanks to this, many waterfalls appear, which no one takes to count, since each year their number becomes more and more.

This is due to calcephilous plants, which, when they die, turn into solid rock and become a natural dam, breaking through which water forms new waterfalls. All lakes have their color depending on the minerals that are in the water. Plitvice lakes are surrounded by ancient forest, and the nature of these places is striking in its pristine nature.

  1. Lake Kelimutu, Indonesia

This is a complex of 3 lakes, which are located in the craters of a volcano at an altitude of 1,639 meters. The main distinguishing feature of these crater lakes is the volatility of their colors. Each lake has its own unique color, which can drastically change in just a few years. Most often, Kelimutu are of blue, green and black colors, but they can also be white, red and brown.

This is due to the fact that rainwater, which has accumulated in the craters, dissolves the minerals that are in them.In addition, gases escaping from the bowels of the volcano are involved in the formation of the color of water. Therefore, visiting Kelimutu several times, you will see completely different lakes.

But locals believe that the color of the water depends on the mood of the souls of the dead. Each lake has its own name - Lake of the Elderly, Lake of the Young, and Enchanted Lake. In the first one, the soul of the old men finds their rest, in the second the innocent souls of young people, and the third lake is the last refuge of the souls of evil people and criminals. It is most often blood red.

  1. Lake Nakuru, Kenya

The area of ​​this lake is almost 40 km², but the depth does not reach even 3 meters. Nakuru refers to the super-saline lakes. This makes its water unfavorable for the development of living organisms. However, in this lake there are about 6 species of phytoplankton, 1 species of fish, several species of zooplankton and small crustaceans.

But most of all in it is the blue-green alga Spirulina platensis, which colors Nakuru in a dark green color. It attracts up to 400 species of birds to the lake. But the hallmark of Nakuru are pink flamingos. They are there a great many, different types and sizes. They flooded the whole lake, and there is not a single place where they would not exist.

  1. Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

This very beautiful lake is located in the crater of the extinct volcano Mazama at an altitude of 2130-2440 meters. Its main feature is very clean water of bright blue color. In addition, the depth of this lake reaches 594 meters, which puts it on the eighth place among the deepest lakes in the world.

Indigenous Indians for a long time hid the existence of this lake, because they considered it sacred. For the first time, the "white man" saw Creuther only in 1853. Another feature of the lake is a small island, similar to a small volcano. It is called Koldovo Island. In addition, a log has been swimming in the lake for more than 100 years. Its length is 9 meters and 60 cm in diameter. But it floats vertically!

  1. Lake Jiuzhaigou, China

In fact, Jiuzhaigou is a national park with many lakes and waterfalls, each of which deserves your attention. But the most beautiful place in this valley is Lake of Five Flowers.

It can be of different colors: yellow, dark green, but most often diamond-blue. Because of the crystal clear water at the bottom of the lake, fallen trees and vegetation are clearly visible, which gives it extraordinary relief.But the main feature of the Five Flowers is that the water in it never freezes, and scientists still do not know the reason for this phenomenon.

  1. Lake Baikal, Russia

This is the deepest lake in the world. Its depth reaches 1642 meters. Baikal is the largest freshwater lake, and contains one fifth of all the fresh water on the planet. But above all, Baikal is an amazing place in which you can feel alone with nature, enjoying the very clean air with the smell of pine needles.

Of course, there are not many who want to swim in this lake, because even in summer the water temperature does not exceed 10ºС. Baikal is especially beautiful in the fall, when the taiga “puts on” a colorful outfit, but also another time of year this lake will not leave you indifferent.

  1. Lake Matheson, New Zealand

This lake was formed by Fox's sliding glacier 14 thousand years ago. Because of this, a lot of mineral sediments have accumulated on its bottom, which dye the water dark. This increases its reflectivity, and makes the lake a mirror. In it you can clearly see the reflections of Mount Tasman and Cook, and in the smallest details.

  1. Loch Ness, Scotland

This is one of the largest lakes in Scotland. It cannot boast of pure water, as there is a lot of peat in it, or beautiful landscapes, but every year millions of tourists come here hoping to see the Loch Ness monster, Nessi.

For the first time it was mentioned by the ancient Romans. Since then, with each new era, this lake has become overgrown with new legends. Currently, there are many versions about the origin of this monster, but there are those who do not believe in it. Whatever it was, but there is something mysterious in this lake!

  1. Peyto Lake, Canada

It is located on the territory of Banff National Park, and is fully powered by glacial waters, which give it a bright turquoise color, which is most often characteristic of tropical lakes, and therefore, against the backdrop of Canada’s mountainous landscapes, Peyto looks unusual.

This attracts tourists. Pictures with this lake flew around the world. In addition, if you photograph Peito under a certain foreshortening, the shape of the lake resembles the head of a large wolf.

There are a lot of lakes in the world, but among them there are those that are worth visiting at least once in life. You will never regret that you have seen these wonderful wonders of nature with your own eyes!

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