Top jackets and blazers for fall

Jacket relaxed cut

Thing marked "for sunday." It is not necessary to come up with some quirky kits for her - jeans, t-shirts and sneakers will be quite enough. And in the deep pockets fit the keys, wallet and phone, so you also allow yourself the luxury of walking without a bag.

Pull and Bear Jacket

Jacket Pull and Bear (1 399 rub. At a discount)

Plaid Blazer

The cage is the main drawing of the season. In the assortment of democratic brands, we found a gigantic variety of jackets and blazers in a cage: there are both elongated, like dresses, and short voluminous, and almost all the colors of the rainbow. Find your shade and do not be afraid to try a completely unusual range for such a seemingly ordinary thing as a blazer.

Blazer stradivarius

Blazer Stradivarius (2 799 rub.)

Jacket with unusual detail

It's nice when democratic brands work with things, as designer brands do: with full attention they are not only suitable for colors, but also for details, which make the thing unique, recognizable and unlike everything we have seen before.

H & M jacket

H & M Jacket (3 499 rubles)

Velveteen Blazer

In the cold season, the time begins for textured and pleasant to the touch materials. Mutual relations with wool will be postponed for a while after the velvet season, but for now it is better to get acquainted with velvet in an unexpected for this material pastel color scheme.

Bershka Blazer

Blazer Bershka (3 999 rub.)

80s blazer

To this thing you really want to pick up as much as possible of metal accessories: let it be either a belt with a buckle, or a bag on a chain strap, or several large ornaments of yellow gold to emphasize the "origin" of the blazer - the era of the 80's.

Blazer zara

Blazer Zara (5 999 rub.)

Genuine Leather Jacket

Not to be confused with the usual leather jacket, which is sewed according to the style of leather jackets and supplied with zippers, not buttons. This model has an obvious vintage appearance and cut of the man's shirt, so if you are looking for an alternative to standard jackets, here's a leather jacket "with a character".

Mango jacket

Jacket Mango (13 999 rub.)

Buttonless Blazer

In search of unusual variations on the topic, we stumble upon new (or simply unknown before us) and unlike the "competitors" brands. For example, the Swedish Totême is the "child" of fashion blogger Elin Kling, the brand in which she embodied her favorite style is a restrained minimalism.

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