Toxic colleagues: five signs that you are poisoned

Natalia Koroleva, managing consultant for Lux & Media at Hays, told us what to fear at work.

Recently, the term "toxic man" is gaining popularity. They are characterized by people from communication with whom it becomes unpleasant and restless at heart. After talking with a person of this kind in everyday life, you simply stop communicating without digging into your own feelings and sensations. But how to understand that such a person appeared at your work? How to calculate it and secure yourself as much as possible?

See below for the main signs of the presence of toxic people in the work team. If you have found at least one of them, think about it, and even better, take action!

Unfavorable atmosphere

Everything was good, and suddenly it seems to you that the atmosphere in the team has deteriorated. Colleagues began to communicate with each other much colder, and some even stopped talking. Do you have the impression that the theater of military operations is unfolding or preparing for it? Just look at your surroundings.Someone is probably ready to fight in the front ranks, sets up colleagues against each other and does not allow to work quietly. Talk with colleagues, identify the enemy and do not succumb to his provocations.

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Eternal claims

You have to justify every action you take, look for any act to explain: to all the work done, there are complaints, but you don’t understand exactly which ones. Constructive criticism is absent, only quibbles are available, and all remarks are reduced to individual analysis, but not actions, but your personality and character. This is what a toxic person, whether a colleague or leader, does. The only thing you can do is not to take such criticism to heart, any conversation and complaints as constructively as possible and ask to send all comments in writing.

Impossible tasks

They delegate the task to you, but you do not understand what goal you are assigned to a completely unattainable goal, or at the last moment connect you to the project, without devoting in detail. A colleague and even a manager may have a problem with delegation, or from the very beginning he sincerely wishes you a loud failure.In both cases, there is only one way out: get out of the person all the necessary information sufficient to complete the task, make written lists, schedules and a clear distribution of responsibilities necessary for the project, and only then proceed to work.

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Tears and complaints

You calm and comfort someone all the time. Tons of negative information are poured daily on you. This concerns not only working questions, but also the personal life of colleagues: family, husband, children, finances, diseases and, of course, ungrateful colleagues, unjust manager, unsuccessful projects - for some reason you are aware of all the problems of an outsider. Caution Toxic! This view of the world, along with complaints and depressions, can gradually be passed on to you. From such people it is necessary to quickly leave, if possible, interrupt the flow of their eloquence and not let their bad mood influence you.

Scandals, intrigues, investigations

Rumors and gossip became the main topic of discussion in your team. Gossiping with you, means gossiping about you, conveying your opinion on this or that occasion.Take a look around and calculate "Shurochka from accounting." Such actions must be stopped by all colleagues, otherwise at one moment they will not be stopped, the whole information will reach the leaders, and there will not be enough time to establish the truthfulness of the gossip.

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