Trailer "Sea of ​​temptation" with Matthew McConaughe and Anne Hathaway

One evening, on the threshold of his house, the ex-wife Karen (Hathaway) appears with a frighteningly immodest request "to feed her new husband to sharks". Karen can not stand the humiliation of a sadistic husband (Jason Clark) anymore, and Dill is her only hope. For the hero McConaughey, this turn is too sharp, and the memories roll over him like a tsunami (he did not just appear on the island and changed his name: in fact, his name is not Dill, but John). Fishing line, which we see and even hear throughout the trailer, metaphorically cuts the hero McConaughey in half: is it worth it to do bad for the sake of a good goal?

You can watch “The Sea of ​​Temptation” in cinemas in October.

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