Unusual properties of powdered lucum

Lucuma is a fruit tree whose homeland is the highland regions of Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The fruits of this tree have a round or elliptical shape, delicate thin skin of dark green color, as well as fragrant flesh of bright yellow color and powdery dense consistency.

For the first time the local people, who cultivated Lukum in 200 BC, and even revered it as the “lost crop of the Incas”, learned about the beneficial properties of this plant. Today, this unique fruit, as well as its derivative products, is gradually being recognized all over the world, which is fully explained by the valuable properties with which nature has generously rewarded it.

Juicy fruits filled with solar energy are dried under natural conditions, and then crushed into yellow-cream powder, which completely retains the entire stock of useful properties and nutrients that are necessary for human health and beauty.

In principle, the fruit itself, thanks to its own,rather dense structure, it can be quite successfully transported over long distances, as they are amenable to long-term storage, however, they do not retain the entire stock of benefits, unlike organic powder.

In addition, it is much more convenient to use it in cooking. Lukuma powder is a well-known natural sweetener or sugar substitute, which is recommended for people with diabetes.

Beneficial features

The powder contains vitamins and components that have a beneficial effect on the activity of the organism as a whole, and normalize the flow of all metabolic processes. Thanks to vitamins B1and B2participates in the work of the heart muscle, contributes to the health of the digestive system, and also participates in blood formation and has a positive effect on the human reproductive functions.

Due to these properties, this product is highly recommended for use by persons who have problems with normal healing of wounds.

It also contains valuable vitamin B3, which allows the use of lukum powder as an effective remedy for the treatment of atherosclerosis, in addition, it helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.It consists of beta-carotene and fiber, which have a favorable effect on the work of the intestines, and also allows you to cope with constipation.

Also in its composition in a decent amount of calcium, which is necessary for healthy hair, nails and bones. In addition, the powder contains a large number of other valuable substances that help strengthen the immune system, activate the growth of new blood cells, and also have a very beneficial effect on eye health.

How to use?

As we have said, thanks to its sweetish taste, as well as its low glycemic index, it is successfully used as a natural sweetener. To do this, the powder is simply added to a variety of desserts, ice cream, yoghurts, fruit salads, teas or muesli, while the dish not only becomes more useful, but also tastier, acquires an unusual exotic flavor.

With it, they prepare cookies, cakes, pastries, as well as any homemade pastries, simply adding sugar instead of it, but enriching it with vitamins and healthy substances.

And yet, anyone who has a serious illness, such as diabetes, before entering such a product in their diet, you should consult with your doctor.Side effects or contraindications were not particularly noted, but sometimes there are cases with individual intolerance to lucuma.

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