Useful properties of oregano spice

For more than one century, people have added spices and seasonings to food. They are able to emphasize the taste of the main product, to give a touch of bitterness, sweetness, witticism, freshness. And sometimes they can save a seemingly hopelessly spoiled dish. Today, let's talk about oregano.

Aroma Magic

Oregano is a herb, the history of which began even before our era. In our country, it is often called "marjoram". The homeland of this spice is the Mediterranean. But wild plants can often be found also in Europe, America, and Russia. They are unpretentious, although the taste and smell are different from the specially cultivated species.

Dried version of this seasoning has a huge number of useful properties. Here are some of them:

  1. A large number of different oils that make up the plant, give it a characteristic bitterness. But besides this, they have a pronounced antiseptic and analgesic effect.
  2. Tannins promote the rapid elimination of toxins from the body, and choline stabilizes the metabolism of fats.
  3. Oregano tea is often recommended for women with menstrual problems. It helps to restore the cycle, reduces pain, and is also useful in menopause, eliminating mood swings. But this seasoning is contraindicated for pregnant women. It tones up the uterine muscles, which can lead to miscarriage.
  4. Oregano also has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, improves appetite and metabolic processes.
  5. In the process of medical research, it turned out that regular consumption of this spice helps to protect the body from a large number of viruses and infections.

Oregano in cooking

But besides its healing properties, oregano has found wide application in cooking. Where can I add it?

  1. Tea. It has a soothing effect and has a wonderful aroma.
  2. Especially often in our country seasoning is put in kvass, it not only becomes tastier, but also lasts longer.
  3. In fresh form it can be added to salads. But if one could not be found, you can mix dry powder with other spices, or with oil, which you are going to fill up with a snack.
  4. Oregano also goes well with meat products, cheese and vegetables (especially with mushrooms).
  5. Italians worship this spice using it in all sorts of dishes - soups, sauces and even baking. The world famous pizza “Margarita” is hard to imagine without adding oregano to the dough.

Oregano goes well with purple basil, white pepper and thyme. Such a composition of tastes and aromas will make your dish truly unforgettable.

Now that you know how to use this seasoning, you can safely begin to experiment. We are sure that your relatives and friends will appreciate the fruits of your efforts.

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