Useful Tips to Improve Fertility

The last ten years, family planning has become a very important stage for many young couples. They are very serious about the issue, because they want to have healthy and happy children. But, unfortunately, the number of women under 35 years old who have a problem with conceiving and carrying a baby has recently increased at least twice. But because doctors advise to take care of their health in advance. Moreover, modern technologies and specialists will help determine the level of fertility, and even extend its period.

Useful tips for future parents

It would seem that it could be easier. A man and a woman love each other, they want a child, which means they can realize their dream. But in fact it often happens that one desire is not enough, because unfavorable ecology, diseases, stress, lack of sleep and many other factors can affect the ability to conceive.

What is fertility? This is precisely the possibility of a sexually mature organism to reproduce healthy offspring. In medicine, this term applies to both women and men.

This ability in women is determined by physiology. In order to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy child, a woman should have a regular menstrual and ovulatory cycle.

In males, the level of fertility is determined by the ability of sperm to fertilize a female egg. There are even two indices that determine this level on the basis of semen. One indicates the ratio of motile / immobile spermatozoa, and the second - healthy and those with structural defects.

Fortunately, in most cases there is an opportunity to positively affect the ability to continue the race. Therefore, we offer to find out how to improve fertility.

  • Watch the weight. In the female body extra pounds can lead to the production of excessive amounts of hormones that can disrupt ovulation. But underweight is also dangerous, because in this case the number of "important" hormones will not be sufficient for the normal functioning of the ovaries.
  • Healthy food. A lot has been said about this, but a huge number of women often neglect such a simple truth.Those who are planning to become a mother, experts recommend to use dairy products, which not only contain the right amount of calcium, but also have a positive effect on the production of estrogen.

Also useful will be those that contain adequate amounts of iron and vitamin C.

A great addition to the usual dishes will be olive oil. In addition, you need to abandon any kind of fast food, as well as reduce the amount of sweet in the diet. This is because “fast carbohydrates” lengthen the menstrual cycle, reducing the number of ovulations.

  • To refuse from bad habits. We all remember that smoking and excessive drinking harm our health. And it is especially detrimental to the ability to have healthy children. Why are there healthy, even just to have. To "postpone" the onset of early menopause and increase the chance of becoming pregnant by 30%, you just need to give up cigarettes. It will also help reduce the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester.
  • Do not overdo it with sports. Systematic professional training increases the risk of infertility. This is because,that during difficult exercises endorphins are released, which increase the level of the hormone prolactin, and it, in turn, prevents the onset of ovulation.
  • To control the cycle. Normally, it is 23-35 days. If, according to your calculations, it is delayed, for example, 40 days, this means that the favorable period for conception occurs less often than necessary. And this is a reason to consult a doctor.
  • Remember the right vitamins. Particular attention should be paid to vitamin B6 (folic acid) and vitamin C. When planning pregnancy, a woman, along with proper nutrition, is recommended to start using these elements in the first phase of the cycle six months before the planned conception.

But, in addition, medical studies have confirmed that a large number of problems associated with low fertility and problems with conception, "live" in our heads. In order for everything to be accomplished, you need motivation and a great desire. But many men and women are so afraid of the upcoming responsibility that they unconsciously program themselves for opposition to desire. That's why psychologists recommend to work out this moment, and let go of all fears.

Planning is not just fashionable, it is very important.After all, it depends on the health of parents how easy and pleasant the pregnancy will be, as well as the health of the unborn child. Take care of yourself and love each other.

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