Useful tips: vertical method of growing cucumbers

Cucumber got its name from the word "unripe", because it is in this form that this vegetable is most often eaten. Cucumber will refresh any salad and will be an excellent basis for preparations for the winter. If you want to grow more vegetables on your plot - pay attention to vertical plantings. A few useful tips will allow you to successfully master the new technique.

Correctly choose a place for beds

Cucumbers love heat and the sun, and very poorly tolerate shade and cold. Plant seeds after the frost has passed. Choose for landings well-lit places where the shadow does not fall until the evening. If cucumbers will grow in the greenhouse, install it away from the house and a solid fence.

Use metal mesh

You can plant beds near the fence from the chain-link mesh, or make small cages for your bushes. The stalks of the bushes will go up the grid, especially if they are helped in the first stage.With this method of planting leaves will shade less flowers and future ovaries.

Grow cucumbers in a box or barrel

You do not need to plant this plant in open ground. Perfect high barrel, box, or even a package with the ground. Take care of good feeding, and the harvest will pleasantly surprise you.

Provide reliable support

The most important thing in vertical planting is to provide a solid base that will support your vine. You can use the site fencing, if it is good for the sun to pass through. In addition, you can hang young shoots to the pipes, dug into the ground. Later plants use ropes to twist around them.

Ensure regular watering

Cucumbers need enough water. It is important that watering is regular and abundant. Put automatic sprinklers or barrels in which the water will heat up before the evening watering. Do not water cucumbers in the very heat, it will lead to the fact that they become less fragrant.

Carefully follow the leaves

It is important to prevent the development of the disease and overripe young cucumbers. In good weather, it is important to harvest every day, otherwise the vegetables will turn yellow and will be unsuitable for human consumption.

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