Vegetable mix: composition, recipes

If you do not have time to cut vegetables for vegetable stews, or you need to make a quick lunch, quick-frozen vegetable mixtures will always come to the rescue.

They are inexpensive, stored in the freezer for up to one and a half years (Hortex), and their preparation takes no more than half an hour. Salvation for vegetarians, those who are brutally hungry, while there is nothing ready, as well as the housewives, who attacked the unexpected guests.

So, the top 10 ready-made vegetable mixes.


Frozen vegetable mixes
Frozen vegetable mixes

Originally lecho - Hungarian dish of stewed vegetables: paprika, tomatoes and onions. Vegetables are stewed until smooth, sometimes lard and wine are added. In East Germany, lecho is very popular as a side dish for grilled meat. In Russia, the Hungarian dish has acquired a national flavor: carrots and ground pepper are often added to it: the vegetable mixture is no exception.


  • pepper
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini (optional)
  • carrot (optional)
  • bow

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:

  • fats 0.1 g, proteins 1.2 g, carbohydrates 5.3 g, vitamin C 89.5 mg, beta carotene 1.2 mg

Energy value:27 kcal.

March 18, 2009Charkina Nadezhda

I usually take lecho or ratatouille, fry, and then mix it with buckwheat - it turns out very tasty!

I generally adore vegetables ... but the most favorite, if you choose from quick-frozen mixtures, is Mexican.

usually, in a heated pan with grape oil, I spread this mixture, pour water to make broth (I usually cook it once), season it with all sorts of herbs and spices, and it turns out to be a wonderful vegetarian soup soup%)

and here I do not like green beans. I can do nothing with myself.

well, it's probably just not yours;)

although it happens to me that another product may not like, but after a while, for some reason it will pull on it ... however, a lot depends on the method of preparation too ..

Hawaiian mix or with champignons - a safe bet! I can eat all you want.

Last time I make stew from vegetables that are in the fridge. Now is the season. Everyone eats with pleasure.

Frozen vegetable mixes - the perfect solution for fast cooking of various dishes: soups, stews, roasts

And I love frozen vegetable mixes. Recently, often cook vegetable soup, and stew recently made.

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