Velatherapy - an exotic procedure for your hair

Every day, cosmetologists are looking for new ways and methods by which they can help people become even more beautiful. Every girl faced such a problem as split ends of hair. For the owners of chic curls who feel sorry for cutting them, the Brazilians came up with a new way, which is called velotherapy.

This is an excellent procedure for the recovery of dry and damaged hair that has been exposed to silicones, chemical treatment, or other environmental stressors. Velatherapy is an extraordinary way to get rid of the problem of split ends of hair. This therapy helps to permanently get rid of damaged hair along its entire length.

The rest of them, at the same time, remains soft to the touch and has a healthy appearance. The essence of therapy is to cut the hair with a candle. The cost of such a procedure is from 150 to 200 $ (depending on the length).

How is the procedure?

Velatherapy is a very difficult process that takes about 3 hours.

Conducting this therapy, the curls are divided into several strands, then twist them into a small harness and very quickly burn the tips of the flame of a candle.

It is believed that split ends stick together during burning. After roasting, the edges of the hair are cut. Immediately after the therapy, the skeins do not look very nice, as they are covered with white balls.

Hairdressers recommend it once every 3 months. Due to thermal effects, the cuticle becomes more susceptible to nutrients. This makes therapy more effective.

But some experts believe the disadvantage of this process is that the thermal effect has a bad effect on the skeins and is a huge stress for them. An alternative to this process, they see bionization or biolamination. It is strictly forbidden to do such a procedure at home, as you can simply burn them.

Fans of this therapy claim that the hair after it grows more healthy and split ends do not bother at all.Another advantage of the treatment with fire is that the hair becomes obedient and very soft.

The process itself takes from 2 to 3.5 hours, depending on the length. Velatherapy is quite an exciting procedure, as your curls can easily flare up. Especially scary at the moment when you feel an unpleasant smell.

Do stars do bicycle therapy?

Barbara Fialkho admitted that the only way that could help get rid of the split ends of the model Victoria’s Secret. Because of her difficult profession, hair is often subject to stress and strain. The model is grateful for velotherapy for the healthy appearance and strength of its curls. Sometimes the models of Isabelle Fontana and Alessandra Abrosio turn to this wonderful therapy.

An expert in the world of beauty and fashion, the chief editor of the Brazilian magazine Vogue considers this haircut technique more effective than a frequent haircut that doesn’t grow.

In the cosmetics market there is a very large selection of products that mimic intensive hair care, but in fact they only worsen their condition. It is even possible that such treatment is the only way to obtain the desired result for women who cannot find help among a variety of cosmetics.Based on this, we can conclude that the candle near your curls is not so scary as it seems at first glance.

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