Vera Wong and her brilliant dresses (10 photos)

A girl can not have a lot of shoes and, of course, dresses. And in the wardrobe of any fashionista must certainly be present such a dress, which everyone will admire without exception. Such models are offered by the most famous fashion in the world, Vera Wong, which has long been producing luxury wedding and evening dresses.

Who is Vera Wong?

Biography of Faith Ellen Wong, in fact, does not contain any interesting and piquant moments. She was born on June 27, 1949 in the United States, and grew up there. But both parents of the Faith are Chinese who left their homeland in the mid-1940s, moving from Shanghai to America.

Creative person

My mother worked at the UN as a translator, and her father had his own medical company. Vera herself was born already in the USA, where she also spent her entire childhood. In 1967, she graduated from school Chapin. She then entered the University of Paris and received a degree in art history from Sarah Lawrence College.

From the age of six, Vera practiced figure skating and achieved some success in this sport. So, the girl in 1968 became the face of the cover of one of the popular sports magazines.In the same year, Vera took part in figure skating competitions held in the United States.

Unusual solution

But she failed to get into the Olympic team. And after such a failure, the girl decided to leave the sport and do what she did great, namely fashion. But Vera skates to this day, claiming that “skating is multidimensional.”

Wong is successful not only in her career, in her family life, she, too, was doing well. So, in 1989, she married Arthur Becker and bore him two beautiful daughters. Cecilia was born in 1990, and Josephine was born in 1993.

But none of the daughters has yet decided to follow in the footsteps of their mother. Vera lived with her husband for 23 years, he helped her develop her business and always supported her in everything. But in 2012, the couple decided to leave, while maintaining a warm and good relationship.

Details matter


Vera Wong, a well-known designer all over the world, did not immediately become famous, although her abilities allowed her to build a successful career in the fashion industry before that significant day when Wong decided to go on a free swim and create her own brand.

Vera's career began in the magazine “Vogue”, which continues to delight its readers to this day. The girl came to the editor almost after receiving a diploma and took a modest position. But the ability of the Faith and its taste did not go unnoticed. A year later, the girl received a promotion and became the editor of the fashion department.

Her outfits are special

Then Vera was only 23 years old, this is a real success, because such a rapid increase in the career ladder is not available to everyone. As an editor, Vera has worked for a long 15 years. In many ways, thanks to her, the magazine developed and flourished, corresponding to modern fashion trends.

But, having done her job, Wong left the editorial office in 1987 and began working for the company of the then famous designer Ralph Lauren. Vera was in charge of accessories and, during her work in the fashion house, released 13 lines, each of which had its own characteristics. But the taste of the designer always suit everyone.


The next stage of the career is the opening of your own wedding salon, but more about this and a little later. Also Vera sewed outfits for famous skaters. So, in one of these outfits, figure skater Nancy Carrigan won third place at the Olympics.

Wong "sheathed" and some other skaters.And such outfits always stood out against the background of others and combined chic, originality and convenience (and this in sports is important).

Ah, this wedding!

How did the first wedding dress? In 1989, Vera Wong received a marriage proposal from Arthur Becker, after which she began actively preparing for the wedding celebration. The girl reacted to the preparation very responsibly, paying special attention to the release of the dress.

Air beauty

Wong went around almost all the salons in the district, but did not find anything suitable. And then Vera decided to create her own dream dress by herself. She made a sketch, bought an expensive natural fabric, and turned to an experienced and skilled tailor for help. The result was a gorgeous dress, which cost Wong 10 thousand dollars.

Realizing that the choice of wedding dresses is not so great, and this niche is almost free, Vera decides to open her own salon. Inspired by such an idea, she turns to her father for help, who happily agrees to help her.

Wise woman

And so, in 1990, a unique store appeared in the Carlisle Hotel, located in New York on Madison Avenue. He quickly became famoussoon for help to the designer began to address not only rich and influential wives of businessmen and self-sufficient businesswoman, but also famous actresses, singers and other famous personalities.

So, Vera’s client list included Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Alyssa Milano, Mariah Kerry, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Hilary Duff, Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys, Holi Hunter, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardyanshany, Chelsea Clinton, Karenna Gore and many others. Dresses from Vera can be seen in famous films (“War of Brides”, “Sex and the City”).

For gentle girls

Features of wedding dresses from Vera Wong

Why does every bride dream of shining at her wedding in a dress by Wong? What is special about them? Here's what:

  • All models are unique, each of them is original and unusual. Even two similar dresses can not be found.
  • Dresses combine chic, femininity, tenderness and elegance. Any bride in this dress will be the most beautiful.
  • Vera uses only natural and expensive fabrics for tailoring her outfits.
  • All parts are made by hand and qualitatively.
  • Models are so diverse that anyone can find outfit to taste.You can meet and minimalist short dresses, and luxurious fluffy, and dresses in the Greek style and everything your heart desires!
  • Wong breaks stereotypes. For example, in some of its collections you can find outfits of unusual colors: beige, green, burgundy. A collection of black dresses was also released, which, by the way, were to everyone's taste.

Evening dresses

In 1994, Vera decides to release a collection of evening dresses, which also conquer literally everyone. These elegant dresses get celebrities to shine on them on the carpet paths when handing the prizes. For a long time, the first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, wears clothes from Wong.

Original dress

Evening clothes are also sewn only from high-quality and natural materials and are distinguished by their elegance and impeccable style.

How to purchase?

How much do Vera Wong dresses cost? Not cheap. So, an outfit on average will cost about $ 2,000, and this is the minimum price, the average ranges from 10 to 15 thousand, but you can find models for 100 thousand and more.

But not so long ago Vera opened a salon in which you can buy an attire for a democratic price: for only 600-1000 dollars. In addition, the previous collections are discounts up to 75%.

Minimalism is relevant

Where to buy an outfit? You can order it online on the official website or go to the US (there you can buy a dress with your hands). But in some cities of the CIS countries there are official representations.

Let your dream of a chic dress become a reality!

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