Victoria Beckham returns curlers into fashion

Victoria Beckham did not just come up with a nickname Posh Spice! She, like no one else, knows the coolest life hacking, how to look great. And one of them she shared with subscribers in Instagram. Victoria has told, has more precisely shown, as creates the well-known volume. It turned out that every morning she uses the most ordinary old-school Velcro curlers that she twists on wet hair, and if they don’t have time to dry while she enjoys a cup of coffee, she quickly dries them with a hairdryer.

Like this! Velcro curlers ... Look at home, you probably have somewhere on the mezzanine from school days. And if you want to achieve the same basal volume, as in Victoria, do not tighten the curlers at the very roots, but try to fasten them at a distance of several centimeters. Well, the "stuck together" strands boldly unzip your fingers.

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