Vitamins that are necessary for the lips

Vitamin A. It prevents the appearance of dry lips and activates the production of collagen. If your lips began to peel off, then you need to purchase a solution of this substance and process them. It will not be superfluous to reconsider your diet. Vitamin A is found in greens, cabbage and carrots. If you consume these products, your lips will become much softer. In the frosty period, you can eat eggs and sea buckthorn jam.

Vitamins of group B. If you do not provide your body with these substances, then inflammation may soon appear on your lips. If you have ulcers, then the doctor will most likely recommend you to consume brewer's yeast, since they contain a large amount of vitamins of group B. These substances can be obtained not only from brewer's yeast. They are still in kefir, cheese, fish and porridge oat-flakes. Pro-vitamin B5 is found in hazelnuts and peas. It contributes to the tightening of small wounds. Beauticians often use it when creating masks and balms.

Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant. He is considered the source of youth. This substance regulates the water balance. Thanks to him, you can get rid of the peeling. Vitamin E also activates cell renewal. If you want to provide the body with this substance, then you need to use when creating dishes olive oil. In addition to vitamin E, it also contains vitamin A. Vitamin E is also found in legumes and eggs.

Ascorbic. It is the strongest antioxidant. It has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. If you experience a shortage of “ascorbinka”, then your lips will become flabby. They will constantly be weathered. This vitamin is found in rose hips, citrus fruits and red pepper.

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