Volochkova prepares for the wedding with Kazakh in Thailand

Anastasia Volochkova on vacation in Thailand fell in love with a Kazakh poet and decided to marry him.

“I fell in love with the Kazakh poet Khakim Bulibekov. He turned my head to his poetry and the power of his positivity. What to do? I dreamed about a wedding in Paris ... But now I think, is it not worth noting here, in Phuket? ”- the ballerina in her Instagram informs.

Photo: @volochkova_art

Fans of Anastasia have become accustomed to the extravagant antics of the girl, so at first they did not even take her words seriously, having decided that it was just a joke. But the subsequent posts of Volochkova are increasingly convincing of the seriousness of her intentions.

5 Apr 2018 at 10:10 PDT

"The ballerina and the poet ... There are no more questions here." How touching are the poems on the grass, read by the poet Hakim for me personally ... How not to fall in love with such a person? "- signed a romantic video inspired by Anastasia, in which Bulibekov reads her work to her

Volochkova has always been one of those celebritieswho not only do not hide the details of her personal life, but also gladly exhibited her, so it is not surprising that Anastasia shares with the subscribers the details of the holiday romance. Surprisingly, under one of the latest photos of her signature twine, the star admitted that she was looking for a hotel for the wedding ceremony. "Today came to scout a place for a wedding," - said the starry bride. What is this - another attempt to attract attention or a real impulse of feelings, we will know soon.

2 Apr 2018 at 11:04 PDT

Recall that Anastasia Volochkova left in Moscow her beloved Michael Loginov. A celebrity for several months shared happy joint photos with a chosen one and declarations of love. In the network, there were rumors that Mikhail was an Alfonso and was simply using a gullible woman who was flooding him with gifts. Be that as it may, the loving dancer left for Thailand without Michael and get married, apparently not going for him at all.

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