Volumetric print of the palms and heels

Passion for young parents to keep objects related to their children as old as the world. Probably, each of us, as an adult, mom showed a tiny bunch of hair left over from the first haircut, or indistinct scribbles - a masterpiece painted by a beloved child. Life does not stand still, progressive manufacturers of children's goods offer all new inventions to capture the maturing of the crumbs. Such an innovation is a set for handprints and heels of babies, but such entertainment costs a lot of money. The master class offers a much less costly option - to make a panel with your own hands. In order for the creation process to take as little time as possible, it is recommended to prepare all the materials in advance.
 prepare all the materials
For the preparation of the dough will need: - flour - 1.5 tbsp. - finely ground salt “Extra” - 1 tbsp. - vegetable oil - 2 tsp. - water - 1/3 Art. Also prepare a deep plate, a tablespoon,chopping board to roll out the dough and baking foil. To decorate the finished panel we take: - paints - preferably acrylic, so that you can touch the finished product. Gouache remains on hand, and watercolor has a weak covering ability; - brushes - let one brush be wide, for priming and applying a background coating. The second is narrow, for an ornament. The flight of fantasy in the design is unlimited, you can decorate with glitter glue or nail polish, rhinestones, seashells, etc. Let's start mixing the dough. The first stage is in dish with flour pour salt. Please note that it is better to use salt only with a small one, with a large product it will turn out to be rough.
 dish with flour
Next, stir the salt and flour into a homogeneous mass. So it will be easier to knead the finished dough.
 stir the salt and flour
Then in the flour and salt we make a well, and gradually pour warm water into it, which divorced 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil. The dough with butter is more pleasant to knead, so it’s better to grab, and the water needs warm,so that the oil is better dissolved.
 pour warm water there
After kneading the elastic (this is important) dough in a dish, put it on a cutting board, as follows knead, roll into a thick sausage, and divide into two equal parts.
 Weave the elastic dough
Each part is kneaded again. The thickness of one figure should be 1.5 - 2 cm.
 Thickness of one figure
We put both pieces of dough on foil, so that they do not stick together in the process , we press to them in turn the handle and heel of the baby. The shape of the edges must be given immediately before baking.
 baby's hand and heel
 The shape of the edges needs to be given
After these funny manipulations, gently shift the foil from the panel into the oven. It is important that the dough is not cracked, not burnt, and baked through. Choose the average temperature of the oven - it is better to stove longer, but better.We treat rough edges with a regular nail file (in the photo, the sides of the palm are polished, but the feet are not).
The most interesting part is decorating. With a large brush we remove the grinding dust, priming the workpiece with white acrylic. Do not overdo it, because there will be more layers of paint to avoid cracks.
 we dry the casts
We dry the primed casts, and arrange them as desired.
handprints and heels
 we make out at will
Your hand-made article will turn out not less interesting and original. Successful experiments!

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