Wallpaper as an element of interior design

Interior design is a separate “science” in which there are ways of concepts, rules and orders. Every little thing and every minor detail can spoil or, on the contrary, correct the mistakes made during the arrangement of the room.

Take, for example, wallpaper. They can be called one of the materials, which is inseparably connected with the concept of design. Wallpaper at all times were, and will be an integral part of a stylish interior.

With them, not only the walls, but also the ceiling, and in some cases other surfaces, take on a unique and refined look. Almost all of these materials are made in rolls with different widths and lengths. The basis of most of them is fabric, polymers and paper. Pasting the walls with wallpaper is considered the fastest and “cleanest” way of finishing, although it is not always cheap.

The surface of the walls make up the most volumetric visual area on which this material proudly performs its decorative function.Although recently the wallpaper has been replaced with decorative plaster, we still believe that it is they that impart spirituality and comfort to any interior, whether it's a private house or dubai hotels that can be booked through the Internet.

In order to equip the interior, you can choose one of three types of wallpaper: sound-absorbing, ordinary, moisture-proof. Standard materials are embossed, background, primed and unprimed.

Rolls designed for non-primed walls are white or colored paper on which the drawing is applied. As for primed wallpaper, it is a finishing material with a painted surface.

The background coating in most cases has no pattern, it is evenly painted with matte monochromatic paint. Embossed are wallpaper that have a prominently protruding figure.

With the help of various combinations, you can use different types of materials when pasting a room, creating real masterpieces on the walls. However, remember that if you want to make the room stylish and original, then you need to select only one surface, the designers call this technique “wallpaper carpet”. In this case, the remaining three walls must be covered with monophonic coatings of gentle tones.

Today's range of these finishing materials is truly surprising and satisfies the most sophisticated needs. Therefore, to choose a wallpaper for any room will not be difficult.

If the design project involves the pasting of walls with warm colors, then you need to pay attention to the red, orange, yellow or green-yellow tones. Cold tones mean the predominance of blue, green, purple hues.

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