Want to have press cubes? Then you here

A beautiful embossed abdomen, on which, with every slight movement, the elastic cubes of the press appear - the dream of almost every man, and of a good half of women. It is believed that the cubes on the stomach - a symbol of a healthy and pumped body, which can not be overlooked.

But to achieve such a relief tummy is not so simple, many are surprised: "It seems like I'm doing exercises, but the cubes still do not want to manifest themselves!". What is the matter? We hurry to surprise you, adorable "cubes" - everyone has, thick or thin, in fact, it does not depend on the physique at all, however, most of us have them securely hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat.

You can do special exercises for a long time and persevere, but you can not see a beautiful belly, that's why it is so important to know how to pump the cubes of the press correctly.

We are glad to make you happy: to fulfill your cherished dream, you only need to work a little: a little will power, patience and a great desire, and then literally in a few months you will be able to brag about your ideal tummy.By the way, this task can really be managed even at home, the main thing is not to be lazy and observe a certain regime.

Cardio training. And this is only the beginning!

The “cubes” or even, rather, “squares” on the stomach are the rectus muscles of the right and left side, each of which is divided by connective tissue bridges. As a result, each muscle forms 4 cubes, that is, only 8 of them: only the top six will have a square shape, and the last 2 will more resemble rectangles.

As we have said, they are available to everyone, only they can get to them with varying complexity. Since the barrier between you and your dream is a layer of subcutaneous fat, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it, which is easiest to do with cardio.

It is intensive exercises that are able, better than others, to cope with this task: the pulse rises to 130-150 beats per second, due to which the heart muscle is pumped, endurance is strengthened and adipose tissue is actively burned. The best cardiovascular exercises are: step aerobics, fitness, and even regular running, the easiest way to start.It is advisable to run on tours and on an empty stomach, just 30 minutes 4 times a week is enough.

Remember that every run is a new step on the way to a beautiful belly.

And all the myths about the local combustion of fat - leave aside, this is impossible, because you need to force the whole body to work. Do not like to run - ride a bike or roller skates - the effect is almost as good, but someone may be more interesting.


Without proper and healthy nutrition, it is almost impossible to achieve the expected result, it is very important not to starve, otherwise you risk slowing down the metabolic processes, but not overeating, eating small portions.

In fact, there is nothing difficult: it is necessary to abandon various fast foods and convenience foods, if earlier you indulged yourself with something similar. Exclude flour and sweet, especially if you want to achieve quick results.

Preference should be given to products that contain slow carbohydrates, these are different cereals: rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, porridge, as well as all sorts of vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Try to ensure that the majority of carbohydrates enter your body in the morning, their percentage in the total diet should not be more than 30%.The remaining 70% should be proteins: sea fish, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, protein shakes.

Naturally, alcoholic beverages are completely excluded. Create an approximate nutritional plan for you, which should take into account the basic rule of dietary nutrition: carbohydrates are reduced, and the amount of protein increases.

And the most important thing

According to experts, in total it is necessary to spend no more than 15 minutes a day on pumping the press, and this can be exercises during training, before or after it. Beginners generally enough to perform light exercises in only 2 approaches.

It is also important to remember that before the next workout on the abdominal muscles, no less than 48 hours of complete rest should pass, otherwise the muscles will not have time to rest, it is at this time that they grow and increase in volume.

Cubes on the stomach - these are the same muscles, which means that they can be built up like everyone else by using additional weight. It is especially effective to use when lifting the body in the "Roman chair", you can also perform twisting with a dumbbell or pancake on an inclined bench.

Remember that this business does not tolerate fuss, especially if you decide to train with weights: 2 workouts are enough per week. Many people would like to achieve an amazing result in just a month, for doing this exercise almost every day, however, they quickly come to the conclusion that, as a result, the resulting effect does not live up to expectations.

It is also important to remember that the principles of training for the girl and the guy will not have special differences, but the result should be different. Distinguished cubes across the surface of the abdomen are more masculine fun than feminine, because, you see, the tummy of a young girl with 8 contrasting cubes is not the most feminine spectacle.

Ideally, two vertical bars and one horizontal bar should be drawn on top. If something else has become apparent, then, most likely, you have overdone it and begin to move in the direction of the male press, which, by the way, is not very good for health, especially for reproductive function.


Below we give a list of simple but very effective exercises for the press, which are easy to perform at home.After them, it is desirable to stretch well to relieve general tension from the muscles. The number of approaches is arbitrary, but experts recommend no more than 3 to 20 times in each case. That's all the secrets, success!

  • Body lifts. Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, hands put behind the head. Raise the shoulder blades above the floor, while the waist should remain on the floor. Make sure that the lifting is carried out by the press, and not by the arms or muscles of the neck.
  • The initial position is the same, we raise the body by 45 ° up, the arms at this time are stretched forward.
  • "Cot". The original position is the same, stretch the legs, firmly press the back to the floor, and throw the arms behind the head. Perform the exercise "fold", while the arms and legs should remain smooth, and in the lower position the loins should not detach from the floor.
  • Raising the legs is very useful for the lower cubes. The arms must be stretched along the body, the legs should be raised by 45 °, while the actions must be smooth, and the loin is not detached from the floor.
  • The principle is the same as in the previous exercise, but the legs are raised alternately.
  • Everyone knows from childhood exercise "bike": we imitate the feet pedaling, while lying on the back, and palms should be hooked on the back of the head.
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