Want to learn to whistle loudly? Then you here

There are many situations in life in which a loud and clear whistle is a very good and even necessary skill, which, however, is by no means all. For example, with the help of whistles, you can quickly and effectively attract the attention of the crowd, when shouting to everyone is not entirely realistic.

In addition, psychologists have long proven that whistling, like a loud cry, is a good opportunity to get rid of accumulated negative energy or depression. Felt that the soul is hard - just go to the balcony or the desert area, and whistle loudly. You will be surprised how much your feelings will change for the better after such a simple reception.

How to quickly learn how to whistle loud and sonorous? After all, this skill is not taught in school or at some courses, and in childhood not all have comprehended the basics of this unusual science. Let's say right away - from the first time, even if you put your lips and tongue in accordance with all the rules, you will hardly be able to make a loud good whistle, you need training and dexterity here.

If you are not able to whistle at all, even very quietly, then you must first learn simple, but effective methods.To do this, the lips are folded into a tube, the tongue is pushed back slightly to the upper teeth, and then they try to blow out some air, while making at least some sound. Experiment with the position of the tongue and the diameter of the labial “tubule” and pretty soon you will still hear a quiet result.

Use your fingers

To make the sound sharp and loud, you can learn to whistle with your fingers, for this you have to put them in your mouth, which means you should wash your hands first. Then follow a specific sequence of actions:

  • Turn your lips: the upper and lower halves should tightly press against the teeth and actually close them.
  • Now the fingers: they should hold their lips in a curved position, while choosing the most convenient combination of them. Usually use the thumb and index finger, folding them in a small semicircle, or depicting with their help something like the letter "V". You can use the right and left index fingers (that is, two hands will be involved). In this case, the nails should be directed to the center of the tongue, and the fingers can go into the mouth almost along the first joint.
  • Now the language: you need to slightly remove it back so that its tip almost touches the bottom.The distance from the tip to the front upper teeth is about one centimeter, which allows air to slip rapidly between the tongue and the upper teeth.
  • Now the final: we take a breath and exhale through the mouth, while at the same time it may not work out the first time. To succeed - vary the location of the fingers and tongue in your mouth.

No fingers

Sometimes it is very convenient to be able to loudly whistle without using your fingers - it's hygienic and not too difficult. So, the sequence of actions:

  • Lower jaw slightly push forward, while slightly stretching the corners of the lips, lower teeth again tightly cover the lip, and the upper can be even slightly show. If you can not immediately press the lower lip, then you can help yourself with your hands.
  • Now the tongue: move it back a little, at the same time, its tip should rush upward, but not rest against the sky or front teeth.
  • Now again take a deep breath and blow out with force, trying to make a sound. As we said, from the first it turns out rarely, so you need to train again and again, changing the position of the tongue and jaws.
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