Wards can be made with your own hands

Since the days of hoary antiquity, peoples of various nationalities have tried in every way to protect their home from alien and evil intentions, negative thoughts, poverty and sorrow.

The Slavic traditions of creating special amulets that protected their owners, their families, houses and households have a rich and interesting history of origin.

The word “guardian” comes from the word “ber”, which had several meanings, the main one of which was “the stormy, violent Spirit of the Elements”.

Our ancestors tried to protect themselves from such unbridled phenomena, creating special amulets that “pacified the Spirit”, made it agreeable and generous, which brought good luck, joy and wealth to their lives.

Will save the house from troubles

What is interesting, but almost all the things that were used in everyday life or at work, our ancestors tried to “protect” by creating real wards from them: utensils, clothes, furniture, work tools and other trifles.

Creating a potent amulet that is truly able to protect its owner,saving from negative impact, negative energy and impure eye - a serious occupation that requires the implementation of certain rules.

Of course, in the modern world, most people have long lost the ability to create and use amulets, believing this to be remnants of the past. However, be that as it may, a person believes in this or not, many of us are not against once again bringing good luck into the house and in our life, protecting ourselves from the black thoughts of other people, and as it turns out, there is nothing complicated about it.

Some of us use specific “charms” without even knowing that this is so. Surely, many have some thing, maybe even a small trifle, which, according to the owner, brings him good luck.

And, oddly enough, if such a thing is really presented to a person with pure intentions and good thoughts, then it really turned into a kind of amulet.

If you decide to protect your home and your loved ones in this way, then you will certainly be interested in how to make simple amulets with your own hands. It turns out that there is nothing complicated in this, the main thing is to stick to the basic rules of implementation, choose the amulet that you really like and taste, and then proceed to make it.

Simple amulets do it yourself

The simplest amulet that protects its wearer from the evil eye and negative energy is an ordinary safety pin. It will not be difficult for you to purchase such a trifle, the only thing is that it is important to do it on Friday evening and not to take change from the seller after the purchase has been made.

Pin to pin to a place where no one sees, for example, on the inside of the collar or sleeves, maximum protection is achieved if you pin a pin in the heart or solar plexus.

It is important to regularly inspect your amulet: if on some day the pin darkened or changed color, it means that it has already worked, having absorbed the negative energy directed at you. In this case, it should be removed from your clothes as soon as possible and buried, and you should pin a new one in its place.

If you want to start creating more complex amulets, then it is already important to adhere to some basic rules for creating them.

Wonderful creativity

First, it is important to know that any protective amulet cannot be made for yourself; you can make it for your home or for people close to you. Of particular strength are those amulets or amuletswhich are made for you by your blood relatives or husband, but only if your marriage is happy, and you live in complete harmony, understanding and love.

You can ask someone else to make an amulet for you, but a person must make it voluntarily, without coercion and long persuasion. If you undertake such an occupation, then you can create amulets or charms for home, for good luck or for a loved one, only with a pure soul, good thoughts and an open heart.

And finally, in order for your amulet to really have power, when creating it, it is important to constantly think about the person for whom you are trying so hard.

Amulet for home well-being - a broom

One of the most common and uncomplicated options, which have long been considered the main household amulet, is an ordinary broom, it was also called "little house".

In order for such a home amulet to have special strength and energy, you will have to work a little. To do this, you will need a paint brush made from natural materials, as well as elements for decoration: dried dried fruits, flowers and herbs, cereals, spices, figurines, coins and other elements.

Broom - a popular amulet

In order to paint the paintbrush in the form of a broom, it must be divided into 2-3 parts, then pull the upper part of the wire. Fluffy tips gently straighten the sides, fan, and then soak all the glue with white glue and put our broom under a heavy book, so that it soaks and stiffens.

Now the turn of jewelry: they must definitely carry their own specific energy and value, all such elements should be 12 pieces. The decorations that you have chosen for your broom need to be sanctified with holy water and attached to it with the help of glue, thread or wire.

There is a special list of materials that decorate the amulet, it is not necessary to adhere to any criteria, your personal element may indicate what you are planning.

For example, cereals and grains on a broom are for prosperity and strength, a small house figure is a large and friendly family, a small ear of corn is a continuation of the family, nuts are young and beautiful. Create your own ornament, the main thing is that your amulet is filled with positive energy and love in the making process, and then it will be the strongest and strongest!

Embroidery, dolls and brownies to protect the home

If you are good enough to deal with threads and fabrics, you can make good and cute amulets for the house with your own hands, which will always protect from the evil eye, damage and other negative influences.

National rushnik

The simplest thing you can think of is embroidery - create a specific ornament on clothes, favorite pillows or napkins, as long as they are made with a soul and without knots.

There are special ornaments and colors that have in their meaning a certain energy and strength, for example, for a loved one it is better to embroider red ornaments in the form of crosses or circles.

People who are engaged in business or political activities, it is better to pick up the thread of blue and green colors, as they symbolize wealth and good luck. Female color - black - a symbol of land and fertility, and male - blue and green, they protect against wounds and natural elements.

If you want to make a doll as a house amulet, then this is a very correct decision, because it was them who from ancient times protected the house and all households from diseases, evil eyes, brought good luck and harmony to their home life.

Most often, such charms are made from wool, cotton and linen, the materials are decorated with embroideries and buttons.If you want to fill the puppet guard with the energy of a particular person, then use the cloth of his worn out clothing to create such an amulet.

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