Wax Crayon Candle

Many centuries of candles are a wonderful interior decoration. In addition, the candle is a wonderful gift. Candles are able to give the interior romance and decorate any room. I propose to make a candle of colored wax crayons. This colorful candle will fill your home with energy, fun and great mood!
 Wax Chalk Candle
Getting Started! Materials:
  • - wax candle;
  • - colored wax crayons;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - a pencil or a wand;
  • - a glass from yogurt or a tin;
  • - an iron jar (for example, from coffee).
 Candle made of wax crayons
Step 1. Take the candle. Use a clerical or ordinary knife to cut a candle into several small pieces, so it will melt faster. Try not to damage or accidentally cut the wick inside the candle. Then we'll need it.
 Candle made of wax crayons
Step 2.Then take the wax crayons of yellow, green and pink, but you can use any other colors. We remove the wrapper from them, if it is available and with the help of a stationery knife we ​​cut chalks into many small parts.  Candle of wax crayons
Step 3. For a pencil or a wand we tie in advance cooked wick left over from the candle.
 Candle made of wax crayons
Step 4. In an iron jar, put a few pieces of candles and crayons (they must We must be the same color, for example, green).
 Wax Crayon Candle
Step 5. Fill the pan with water, boil it, and then immerse in there an iron jar with a cut candle and crayons. We are waiting when everything is completely melted.  Candle made of wax crayons Step 6. Now proceed to the choice of a mold. It can be any, for example, you can use a cup of yogurt, a jar of sour cream or cream. Keep in mind, if the candle does not get out of the mold, then the mold has to be cut. Next, drop the pencil with the wick into the mold.Making the first layer is green. While the wax is not frozen, pour it into the mold, and wait until it is completely frozen, only after that you can pour the second layer and the next ones.
 Candle from wax crayons
Step 7. Fill the second (yellow) and the third (pink) layer. There may be more layers or less, it all depends on your imagination.
 Wax Crayon Candle
Candle made of wax crayons
Step 8. Wait until all layers are completely cured. Cut off the extra wick, remove the candle from the mold.
 Wax Crayon Candle
That's the kind of colored candle we have!
 Candle made of wax crayons
You can also change colors, add aromatic oils, various glitters. Such a candle can be wrapped in a beautiful package and presented to a loved one. Imagine!

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