We knit slippers with flowers

We knit with knitting needleshome slippers-tracks, decorated with flowers. The flowers are crocheted, and they can also be decorated with beads or beads. Slippers fit in very quickly and simply, this option is suitable for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (not thin);
  2. spokes number 4,5;
  3. Crochet No. 1.75 (for little flowers).

Slippers size is arbitrary. According to the presented description - from 37 to 40.

Knitting description

Knit base:

Type 34 loops.

1 row: 1 edge, 32 facial, 1 edge;

2 row: 1 edge, 10 faces, 1 back, 10 faces, 1 back, 10 faces, 1 edge;

3-34 series: odd series = as 1 row, even rows = as 2 row;

35 row: 1 edge, 11 face, 1 increase (we tie two out of one loop), 8 face, 1 increase, 11 face, 1 edge;

36 row: 1 edge, 10 face, 1 purl, 12 face, 1 purl, 10 face, 1 edge;

37 row: 1 edge, 34 facial, 1 edge;

38-63 series: even rows = as 36 series, odd series = as 37 row;

64-72 row: 1 gum face - 1 purl.

Do not close the loop, leave the long thread.

Assembling Slippers


Pull the thread left through the loops of the last row. We tighten the thread, fasten it. Next, sew the part connected by a rubber band and about 8 more rows.


We pass through the middle part A of the thread and tighten it. The adjacent parts B are sewn together.

Decoration of slippers

Lilac Flower

We knit any number of lilac flowers from yarn of different colors. A chain of 4 air loops is closed in a ring by a half-tube. From this loop, we knit the next chain of 4 air loops, close the ring with a half-column (enter the hook into the first loop of the chain). So we form a total of 4 petals. At the end of the connecting column connect the fourth petal with the first.

Green leaf

We knit a chain of 5 air loops. Next we tie this chain in a circle: semi-column, single crochet column, single crochet column,in the next loop (this is the edge of the chain): * a column with 2 nakidami, a column with 1 nakidom, a column without a crochet, polustolbik, column without a crochet, a column with 1 nakidom, a column with 2 nakidami *, then a column with 1 cape, , semi-column.

On green leaves, embroider the veins with a thread of contrasting green. Add embroidered four-petal lilac flowers. We are trying to form lilac clusters. In the center of each knitted and embroidered flower we sew on beads or beads. Drawing on each slipper-sledka better to place mostly on the outside.

For greater warmth and wear from the bottom, you can sew felt insoles to the sole. Allslippers areready.

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