Need a warm and beautiful balcony?

low-cost and professional workWhat is a good balcony? First, warm and protected from wind, rain, cold. Secondly, spacious, and, thirdly, beautiful. You can make it that way by turning to professional professionals for help, for example, to the PROEKT-MSK company. Ordering cheap and professional work in a specialized company that has been implementing projects of any complexity for years, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful, cozy, warm balcony (or loggia) in a short time and do not spend extra money on finishing.

Qualitatively - is it always expensive?

Not at all - the cost of glazing, insulation and finishing of balconies depends on the coherence of the working processes of the contracting company. If she orders materials directly from manufacturers, plans work properly, hires experienced specialists who agree to work quickly and efficiently for adequate amounts of money, the customer can count not only on the high level of service provision, but also on its adequate cost.To find out how much the work on finishing loggias in PROKT-MSK costs, issue a free call to the measurer - he will arrive at the facility at the agreed time, make the necessary calculations and tell you the price of upcoming work.

Turnkey services for practical customers

The company PROJECT-MSK provides services for weatherization, glazing and finishing of balconies, turnkey loggias. When ordering complex works, you win in money and time, because you get a completely finished result without unnecessary trouble for yourself in the shortest possible time. The range of services provided is agreed upon before signing the contract, the total cost of the work to be done when ordering a turnkey service is much lower than if you ordered them separately.

Benefits of cooperation with PROJECT-MSK

PROJECT-MSK is the leader of the Moscow construction market, which offers its customers attractive conditions for cooperation, namely:

  1. A wide range of services
  2. Guarantees of high professionalism of masters.
  3. Use only high-quality materials.
  4. The ability to implement projects for the finishing, insulation of loggias and balconies of any complexity.
  5. Fair pricing guidelines.

Work is being done on standard and individual projects, it is possible to refine the standard drawings to the needs of the customer. Examples of finished works can be found here.

free call to the measurer

When ordering a turnkey service in PROJECT-MSK, you can count not only on a high level of professionalism and an integrated approach, but also on the most honest prices. The company does not try to attract customers fraudulently, offering attractive financial terms of cooperation, and then doing recalculations. That cost, which will be named to you at the time of signing the contract, is final and includes all costs and expenses that you will have to incur in the course of the work.

PROJECT-MSC - these are the most effective solutions to your problems!

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