We sew a developing napkin for a baby

To make a textile developing napkin for a baby, you should prepare such materials and tools as: 1. Older jeans as a base material; 2. Any fabric for lining; 3. Two types of cotton with printed drawings on the marine theme; 4. Felt of a deep blue color, green in two shades, pink; 5. Puppet eyes with moving pupils, 3 pairs of different diameters; 6. Layers from clothes, 3 pcs. Beads - a thunderclap, 1 piece, the size is 10 pieces. The tape is narrow for mounting the rattler, 10 cm long; 11. A variety of buttons, including, with a marine design; 12. Compass button, with a diameter of 2 cm, 1 pc. 13. A piece of white rigid mesh; 14. Knitted bead with a diameter of 2 cm; 15. Ballpoint pen in black and red colors; 16. Metallic and glitter acrylic paints; 17. Paint brush, water tank; 18. Pieces of lace, braid, 19. Beads, beads; 20. Seashells; 21. Plastic case - packaging (for example, a lid from yogurt), 1 pc. 22.Large epoxy cabochon; 23. Attached buttons with a diameter of 7 mm, 2 pcs. 24. Iron; 25. Needle for handicrafts; 26. Scissors; 27. Rasparivatel; 28. Ruler; 29. Chalk for cutting; 30. Sewing machine, 31. Transparent glue "The moment of crystal." First of all, you need to get ready for work, namely, rip jeans. For the base napkin size of 30 * 30 cm you will need 1 leg, as well as 1 patch pocket, loops and zipper.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
From denim It should cut out 2 details of the base napkin size 17 * 32 cm.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
The details of the base should be sewn between th longest dimension of 1 cm seam, the seam must press them apart. On the left side of the future napkin you need to sew 4 loops from jeans.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
From a piece of denim it is necessary to sew a strap. In the cut, it is a rectangle of 48 * 3.5 cm. This strip should be folded in half, stitch along the sides with a 7 mm wide seam and turn it to the front side.In the finished form strap should be ironed.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
Ready strap, as well as a patch pocket with jeans, should be set on the napkin, as shown in the photo . Under the seam of nastrachivaniya pocket you should also put the side of the clothes, another one under the semirings, a nylon cord and a ribbon with a rattling bead. /sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/17/2723-shm-razvivayuschuyu-salfetku-dlya-malysha.jpg "alt = We sew a developing napkin for a baby" title="We sew a developing napkin for a baby">

Then you can start decorating the napkin.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
In the lower right corner, well You can sew a piece of the grid, after having hidden the buttons under it. By moving them with your finger, the child will develop fine motor skills. Nearby you can sew a pair of transparent buttons that simulate air bubbles under water. A little to the left you can sew a pink starfish, made of felt. It is sure to attract the attention of the baby with its eyes with moving pupils.Next to her, you can write her name in Latin. In the same part of the napkin you can draw a shell using a red ballpoint pen. For convenience, you can use a printed template with its image.
 Sew developing baby napkin
In the lower left corner of the napkin you need to process a dummy pocket with a zipper from the jeans, and sew buttons with marine patterns. With the help of acrylic paints you can add fabrics of bright sparks and strokes.
 We sew developing sa for the baby
In the upper left corner you should sew an impromptu steering wheel, the basis of which will be a plastic transparent case. Under a transparent base you can put a lot of interesting for the eye of a baby gizmos - mini-compass, bottle with beads, shells, beads, buttons, coins, etc. Here you can draw another shell, as well as a piece of an old map, signed by "Terra Incognita", which means "Unknown Earth" .
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
You can decorate the upper right corner of the napkin with two green jellyfish, an improvised sea stone - a knitted bead. You can also draw starfish, a shell, and make a background with sequins.
We sew a developing napkin for a baby
You can glue a large transparent cabochon made of epoxy resin into the pocket with some kind of algae embedded in it.
P With a poison with pictures or decor, you can place signatures on them in Latin. Over time, this will surely arouse the interest of the child, and then it will be possible to carry out a real “scientific research” with him in order to find out more about the sea inhabitants, their names, history, etc. The corners of the pocket can be decorated with sewing buttons. fingers small elements on the napkin, the child will get acquainted with different materials and textures on the texture and properties, which will enrich his tactile experience and will develop motor skills.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
From any thick fabric should be carved out the lining for the napkin.Its size should be 32 * 32 cm.  Sew developing baby napkin From claps should be cut out squares with an edge of 6.5 cm, which should be twice pressed diagonally. These corners will decorate the sides of the napkin.  Sew developing napkin for the baby Harvested corners need to sweep the sides of napkins, top put the lining face to face and stitch on perimeter with a centimeter seam, leaving the area in the lower part not wired. Through it, the napkin should be turned onto the front side.
 We sew a developing napkin for the baby
The hole must be sewn up, the napkin should be carefully pressed along the edges. If necessary, a finishing line can be laid along the perimeter.  We sew a developing napkin for the baby The developing textile napkin for the baby is ready!

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