Weather in Sochi in October 2016 - the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center. What temperature of water and air will be in Sochi at the beginning and end of October 2016


Usually, mid-autumn is associated with wet, dank days, frequent rainfall and timid sunshine, occasionally appearing due to gray clouds. But on the Black Sea coast at the same time a completely different situation reigns. Arriving in October in Sochi, tourists are greeted by beautiful, rather warm weather, and the gentle sea water at the beginning of the month allows everyone to enjoy swimming and other beach procedures. The air temperature begins to decrease only at the end of the month, but this does not happen abruptly, but delicately and only by 2-3 degrees. October ends at + 17 ... 18 ° C in the daytime and + 12 ... 14 ° C at night. In recent days, as a rule, it starts to rain, and the weather finally becomes like autumn.

A preliminary forecast of the weather center reports that in 2016, October will not present any meteorological surprises, and temperature indicators and precipitation will not exceed the average statistical norm. Therefore, everyone who appreciates a quiet, calm, comfortable and measured rest, you can safely go to October in Sochi and enjoy all the delights of the resort.

Weather in Sochi in October 2016 from Hydrometeorological Center of Russia

The forecast from the hydrometeorological center of Russia reports that the weather in Sochi for October 2016 is expected to be moderately warm. In the first three days of the month, the air will warm up to + 22 ° С in the daytime, and at night the thermometer will slide only to + 16 ... 17 ° С. From 4 to 18 October, the temperature will drop by a degree, and in 20 numbers it will drop to + 19 ... 20 ° С in the morning and +14 ... 15 ° С in the evenings. From October 25 it will be even cooler (no more than + 18 ° C), and at night the thermometers will record + 11 ... 12 ° C and walking without insulated jackets and hats will be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to health.


Fans of beach entertainment makes sense to go to the resort only in the first decade of the month. After October 10-12, only very hardened citizens will risk entering the sea, as the water cools down to + 15 ... 16 ° С, and the timid autumn sun can no longer warm it up more intensively.By the end of the month, the temperature will drop even lower and only the so-called “walruses”, which are not afraid of even record low temperatures, will enjoy the sea baths.

In October, the rest has the most to a detailed sightseeing, unhurried, cozy walks around the city and admire the stunningly scenic natural views. The only thing that must necessarily be put in a suitcase is an umbrella, warm, inflatable clothes and waterproof shoes. Then the changeable autumn weather will not take you by surprise, and sudden precipitation or gusty winds will not spoil the pleasure of the October holiday.

Weather in Sochi in October 2016 - the water temperature off the coast of the resort


If the weather in Sochi in October almost to the middle of the month will be reminiscent of summer, then the water temperature off the coast of the resort will remain suitable for swimming only in the first decade. From 1 to 10 the Black Sea number will still spoil the visitors with a rather comfortable + 19 ° С, but approximately from 12-13 October the situation will change and tender waves will start to cool sharply. A global overtaking of warm water will provoke strong gusty winds, which the Arctic cyclone will bring with it.Storms will strike the coast, after which the water temperature will drop to + 15 ... 16 ° С and will not rise anymore until the next season.

Weather forecast for Sochi in October - usually the temperature at the beginning and end of the month


As the weather forecast says, usually the weather in Sochi in October is characterized by warm days, cool nights and little rainfall. At the beginning of the month there is still a pretty, almost summer temperature. As a rule, during the daytime the mercury column fixes from + 21 ° С to + 23 ° С, and at night - 17 ... 19 ° С. However, sometimes force majeure occurs when the autumn sun warms the air right up to + 26 ° C or a sudden cold cyclone sharply lowers the temperature to almost winter performance (+ 6 ... 8 ° C during the daytime). True, such meteorological foci occur quite rarely and, rather, can be called an exception to the traditional rules, rather than a pattern.

The swimming season in October is already over. More or less warm water is caught only by tourists who arrived from the 1st to the 10th. Well, and those who visit the resort at the end of the month, remain content with the contemplation of the magnificent nature and an extensive excursion program. As far as these parameters will match October 2016, it will become clear very soon.But in what month you would not come to Sochi, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure from the time spent at the hospitable and picturesque Black Sea resort.

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