Weather in St. Petersburg in October 2016 - the most accurate forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center


Weather in St. Petersburg in October is usually distinguished by moderately cool temperatures and fairly large amounts of precipitation. True, this does not mean that the rain is pouring all day like a bucket and on the street without an umbrella not get out under any circumstances. Sometimes the rain falls suddenly and ends in 2-3 hours, and the spill and faster, or, with a drop in temperature, passes into wet snow. Usually such natural phenomena occur at the end of the month, whereas at the beginning the rains are short-lived and do not interfere too much with moving around the city and sightseeing.

The forecast of the weather center says that in October 2016, there are no surprises for residents and guests of St. Petersburg. The weather situation will be traditional and will not change the main autumn criteria.If you dress warmly, take an umbrella and waterproof shoes with you, the sharp weather attacks will not take you by surprise, and your vacation in North Palmyra will be rich, interesting and informative.

Weather in St. Petersburg in October 2016 - the forecast from the weather center of Russia


According to the meteorological center of Russia, the weather in St. Petersburg in October 2016 will not go beyond the traditional temperature indicators for this season. During the whole month, the thermometer will not rise above + 9 ° C in the morning and + 3 ... 5 ° C in the dark. The coldest nights, when the thermometer fixes 0 ... -2 ° C, will fall on 8.9, 30 and 31 numbers. On all other days, the air gets a little warmer, but it won't be felt too globally.

There will be a lot of precipitation. The first and the third decades of the month will be the most rainy. During this time, the sun never comes out because of the clouds, and the weather will last cloudy until November.

It will get colder already in the last days of October, and sleet will come to the place of a light drizzle. These changes in the weather situation will be triggered by a severe Arctic cyclone, which came to the city from the north. Under his influence, the weather will finally deteriorate and become frosty, windy and absolutely uncomfortable for long walks and contemplation of architectural monuments.

Weather in St. Petersburg in October 2016 - the most accurate forecast for the beginning and end of the month


The weather in St. Petersburg in October 2016 will be traditional for this period of time. At least, this is what the preliminary forecast of weather forecasters, based on many years of observation of meteorological events in the region, claims. At the beginning of the month, or rather, in the first two days, the temperature will still hold at + 7 ... 9 ° C in the morning time of the day and +5 ° C at night, and then start to fall sharply. On the street it will become colder up to + 3 ° C, the sky will be tightly drawn in clouds, but instead of a light autumn rain it will sleet. On the 7th, dampness will dilute the timid sun, but in the evening the thermometer will slide below 0 ° C and come close to -2 ° C.

A little warm in St. Petersburg will begin no earlier than the 10th. The temperature will rise to + 6 ... 8 ° C and hold on at this level until October 23. From the 24th onwards it will become colder again (from + 4 ° C to 0 ° C), and this trend will continue until the very end of the month.

The number of cloudy days will exceed the number of clear ones, and neither local nor visiting citizens will manage to do without umbrellas and windproof jackets. Dampness will be felt especially strongly due to the huge amount of inland waters and the extremely active cyclonic activity of the air currents.The region’s proximity to the Arctic fronts will contribute to the increase in the total humidity. In the last days of October, most likely, the snow will fall and the air will surely smell in the rapidly approaching winter season.

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