Weave a Dreamcatcher Bracelet

We weave out of a cord not only beautiful, but above all an unusualBracelet Dream Catcher. Making a bracelet is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. Have a little patience and you will become the owner of this wonderful bracelet.

Materials and tools:

  1. metal ring;
  2. cord for weaving bracelets;
  3. regular threads;
  4. scissors;
  5. masking tape;
  6. transparent glue
  7. beads.

Step 1

First, we will manufacture the basis for weaving the Dreamcatcher. To do this, we take the ring and the cord for weaving, we tie a knot on the ring and wind the ring with the cord, tightly putting the turns to each other.

Tie a knot and cut the cord. Apply some transparent glue to the knot.

Step 2

Take the usual thread and tie the knot on the ring, to fix the knot we put a little glue. Getting Started weaving Dreamcatcher. The process itself is well shown in the photo.

Step 3

We take the cord to weave, wrap it 2 times around the wrist and cut off the piece. Then we cut off the exact same segment.

Fold one piece in half, pass through the ring, loop and tighten. Then we take the second segment and do the same thing only from the other side.

We tie knots in both segments, at a distance of 3-4 cm from the end.

Step 4

We take 4 beads, put them on each end of the beads and tie the knots.

Step 5

Take the bracelet, put it on the table, smooth the ends next to each other (see photo 1) and fix the paint tape.

Cut the cord for weaving a long 18 cm, we will make a lock.


We take the cord, put it under the bracelet and align it in the middle; left end, put on top of the bracelet and under the right, right end wrapped around the left, skip under the bracelet and pull out on the left end. The result is a knot, pulling on the ends and tightening it.

Next node:left end and skip it under the bracelet, and the right end over the bracelet and tighten. The next one is first.

Total we tie 5 knots. Then cut the ends and fix with glue.

All,Dreamcatcher Braceletis ready.

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