Wedding in Prague - a fabulous trip for two

Each couple dreams of a unique unusual wedding. Someone chooses a beach idyll, someone has a traditional wedding in his hometown, and some admire medieval castles, narrow old streets of European cities. Prague is just the place where to the services of newlyweds - amazing architectural masterpieces, ancient castles and delightful palaces.

Wedding is one of the brightest and most solemn life events, and at all times it was surrounded by an aura of joy and fun, various traditions and rituals. The wedding in the Czech Republic is remembered by the newlyweds twice, because there is a very special spirit of magic and romance here, and the surrounding beauties create unique scenery for the most beautiful holiday. This European country is not only very beautiful and hospitable. Simplified legislation, territorial proximity, the ability to play a wedding in this ancient castle, to hold a ceremony in an old church or town hall, makes it one of the most attractive in Europe for weddings.

Such a wedding can be a real immersion in medieval reality, in times of beautiful princesses and sovereign signors, glorious kings and faithful knights. In an ancient mansion or fortress you can not only hold a ceremony and a banquet, but also do it in the traditions of the Middle Ages, with appropriate costumes and entourage. However, organizing such a presentation on your own, as well as complying with all documentary and legislative formalities is not easy.

It is easier and safer to contact a special agency, for example The young will only choose outfits and anticipate a beautiful magical holiday. And he can become truly royal - carriages, knights, tournaments, fireworks, horseback rides ... Powerful rulers who influenced the history of Europe once also got married, and the picturesque surroundings of the castles filled the noise and hubbub of a festive feast, the sounds of music and songs.

A wedding in Prague, the city of kisses and lovers, is a beautiful exciting ceremony, the magic of old streets, the charm of ancient towers and exquisite palaces, ovations and greetings on Old Town Square, a boat trip on the stately Vltava, the fragrance of flowering gardens and bright green parks.A happy family life will begin with the first steps on the pavement of the old pavement, with a cup of coffee in a romantic cafe, with symbolic lock on the Charles Bridge.

You can also arrange a wonderful outdoor holiday in the royal gardens. It offers a stunning panoramic view of Prague, and the park, created in the style of Italian Baroque, with cascades of terraces, fountains, sculptures and blooming flower beds will give the event a luxury and elegance.

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