What are the female habits of annoying men?

All the fair sex can spend hours discussing with each other, where and in what men annoy them, throw socks around, do not wash the dishes, or see anything around themselves except football on TV.

Every woman knows perfectly well that there are no men without shortcomings, they have to put up with something, and agree on something, however, there are also such shots, whose masculine habits can not be tolerated.

They are quite demanding

Over time, in most cases, such couples break up and return again to the search for the best life partner. Interestingly, not every woman thinks about the fact that, it turns out, she is not as white and fluffy as she seems, men, like women, can easily make their list of annoying ladies' habits.

There is a separate category of women, representatives of which all the time praise their relationship, they are fully convinced that they behave in a pair exactly as their partner dreams.The absence of quarrels and whether a more peaceful life can only become a temporary phenomenon, especially if a woman constantly sees only the faults of her partner, but does not pay any attention to her own shortcomings and minor blunders.

In order to always remain in harmony and keep a balance in their own relationships, each woman should know well that men do not like women, and carefully avoid and try to rehabilitate already existing bad habits. Who knows, maybe looking at the efforts of his beloved, your man himself will try to correct something in himself, inspired by your example.

Removal of the quarrel from home

There will always be a certain line between a man and a woman that will infinitely attract them to each other, but at the same time, periodically discord the existing harmony, because, as you know, there is no relationship without ups and downs.

Difficult times can happen for any couple, to survive that and stay together, not everyone succeeds, conflicts and incomprehensible situations bring imbalance, which shatters the fine line of harmony.

Do not talk too much

And if men, in the majority, are accustomed to rubbing inner problems inside themselves, then women often run to complain to parents, friends or friends, and some, even better, publicly announce your problems in social networks.

Remember that, over time, you are likely to reconcile, but everyone you told about your troubles will be aware of what your partner has done. From the outside, everything is always seen differently and, quite possibly, after the next such scandal, your friends and relatives will look at you and your partner differently, most likely not from the best point of view.

Men like this are incredibly annoying, so if you cannot refrain from having to speak out, then try to do this only with the closest and most reliable people who will not let you down, understand and condemn you.

Appearance and behavior

Perhaps for some of the ladies this will be a discovery, but overly candid outfits that evoke appearance and combat coloring are not something that can not win the heart of a particular man, such an "outfit" will rather scare him and set him against such a "beauty."

Excessively bright outfits, frank cuts and décolleté, dyed hair and tons of foundation can quickly push a young man away, maximum, to attract him for one evening or night, as you like.

Men prefer to contemplate stylish, well-groomed, elegant women with a slight note of sexuality, which allows them to fool around their imagination. The ability to not cross the line is what distinguishes a decent woman from a cheap fake.

In all need a measure

The same applies to the behavior and manners to keep in society, excessive activity, which results in permanent flirting and coquetry with other men, can ruffle any normal man.

This is especially true for girls who love to flirt with his friends and mutual acquaintances, in fact, it does not elevate the lady herself in the eyes of others, but rather, lowers your man in his surroundings, who likes this?

Beautiful and well-groomed appearance, as well as moderate and appropriate behavior - this is what a normal man might like.

Mobile phones and regular SMS messages

Many women are characterized by increased talkativeness, but,when it turns into endless telephone conversations with friends, mother, grandmother, manicurist, and other familiar people, it gradually begins to annoy men.

Do not believe it, but some of them really complain about their partner, who can talk for hours with her friend, answer calls even at the most inappropriate moments, for example, during a romantic dinner or watching a movie together, to find out what new haircut or manicure she has done .

Bad habit

Another problem is sms and messages in social networks, some girls are so fixated on their mobile phones and similar sites that it is almost impossible to tear them out of it, which naturally, with time, begins to annoy.

Untidy and hair all over the apartment

Men, of course, are very fond of beautiful long hair in their beloved, but when these hairs constantly come across in the sink, clog up the drain in the shower or bath, or even randomly come across the house, it will not please anyone.

The same applies to general tidiness and grooming, in fact, a woman should look good not only in people or at work, stretched robe, knocked out hair and the complete lack of makeup at home will hardly attract your partner for a long time.

Take care of yourself

Get rid of these habits, remember that at home you can remain attractive: not stretched robe or sweatpants, but pretty leggings with a cute T-shirt, you can always gather your hair in a neat bunch, and put on your face a minimum of makeup to make several important accents.

Bad relationship with his family

Situations, of course, are different, sometimes intolerable mother-in-law is really encountered, but still, one should restrain oneself as much as possible and not go into permanent conflicts.

Don't figure out the relationship with his mom

Relentless tensions, eternal quarrels with the family and women's unwillingness to establish contact with the husband's parents, rarely ends with a good end, in most cases the man chooses the one that first appeared in his life, or more precisely, the mother.

Habit to teach and teach

Men are often annoyed by the habit of women to bring up their beloved, constant teachings and moralizing do not lead to anything good, such “itching” irritates rather than brings sense.

If something strongly disagrees with you in a man, it is better to choose time, sit down and talk, discuss the problem and then try to stick to a common solution.

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