What are the republics?

In the world there are a large number of states with different forms of government. There are monarchies, but there are republics. On the latter and will be discussed in our article. Republics are called countries in which governing bodies are elective, today there are about one and a half hundred.

List of republics

For better perception of information, we have grouped the list of republics by continents (the list of countries listed in these lists is incomplete).

African continent

Of the total number of republics on the African continent, a greater number of them are located.

  1. Algerian People�s Democratic Republic (Algeria).
  2. Angola
  3. Republic of Benin.
  4. Republic of Botswana.
  5. Burundi.
  6. Burkina Faso.
  7. Gabon Republic.
  8. Republic of the Gambia.
  9. Republic of Ghana.
  10. Guinea.
  11. Republic of Guinea-Bissau.
  12. Republic of Djibouti.
  13. Arab Republic of Egypt.
  14. Republic of Zambia.
  15. Republic of Zimbabwe.
  16. Democratic Republic of Congo.
  17. Republic of the Congo.
  18. Central African Republic.
  19. Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros.
  20. Republic of Cape Verde.
  21. Republic of Cameroon.
  22. Republic of Kenya.
  23. Republic of Liberia.
  24. Lebanese Republic.
  25. Socialist People�s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (government is a republic).

Asian continent

In Asia, there are also quite a few countries called republics.

  1. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (East Timor).
  2. Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  3. Maldives Republic.
  4. Yemen Republic.
  5. People's Republic of China.
  6. State of Israel (government - republic).
  7. Republic of Indonesia.
  8. Republic of Iraq.
  9. Lao People�s Democratic Republic.
  10. Union of Myanmar (government - republic).

European continent

In Europe, monarchy traditionally dominates, but there are also states that have chosen a republican form of government.

  1. Republic of Albania.
  2. Republic of Bulgaria.
  3. Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  4. Hungarian Republic.
  5. Greek Republic.
  6. Republic of Malta.
  7. Republic of San Marino.
  8. Czech Republic.
  9. Ireland.
  10. Republic of Iceland.
  11. Italian Republic.
  12. Republic of Cyprus.
  13. Portuguese Republic.


The list of republics is replenished by the countries of Oceania.

  1. Republic of Vanuatu.
  2. Republic of Fiji.
  3. Republic of the Marshall Islands.
  4. Kiribati.
  5. Republic of Nauru.

American continent

The vast American continent (consisting of the South, North and Central Americas) includes many republics.

  1. Republic of Haiti.
  2. Republic of Guyana.
  3. Republic of Guatemala.
  4. Republic of Honduras.
  5. Commonwealth of Dominica.
  6. Dominican Republic.
  7. Republic of Suriname.
  8. Republic of Cuba.
  9. Republic of Colombia.
  10. Republic of Costa Rica.
  11. Republic of Peru.

More information on this topic can be found in the article - What are the states.

Which republics were in the USSR

The USSR consisted of the following republics:

  1. RSFSR.
  2. Ukrainian SSR.
  3. Belarusian SSR.
  4. Turkmen SSR.
  5. Uzbek SSR.
  6. Tajik SSR.
  7. Azerbaijan SSR.
  8. Armenian SSR.
  9. Georgian SSR.
  10. Kazakh SSR.
  11. Kyrgyz SSR.
  12. Moldavian SSR.
  13. Lithuanian SSR.
  14. Latvian SSR.
  15. Estonian SSR.

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