What are the symptoms of false pregnancy?

With a false pregnancy syndrome, a woman has all the signs characteristic of a true pregnancy. Previously, it was quite problematic to diagnose this condition, but now, with the help of modern equipment, it is not difficult to do this.
False pregnancy is most often manifested in young women under 35 who, for whatever reason, have not yet given birth. However, this syndrome occurs in more mature women, including those who have already given birth.
Since the symptoms of true and false pregnancy are very similar, it is almost impossible for a woman to figure out her own situation. As a rule, such illusions disappear at the first visit to the gynecologist.
In case of a false state of pregnancy, a woman has a small spotting during menstruation, and sometimes even its complete absence.Moreover, the menstrual cycle is restored only after the intervention of specialists. In addition, there is an increase in the mammary glands, morning sickness and vomiting.
Like a real pregnancy, a false condition is characterized by an increase in the weight of a woman, the growth of the abdomen, the appearance of a specific bend in the spinal column (lordosis). She has a variability of mood, fatigue increases, she becomes capricious. In rare cases, fetal movement can be felt.
It is important to note that in a false pregnancy, a woman does not deceive anyone, because she truly believes that she is expecting a child. Her position in some cases may even confirm a pregnancy test.
False pregnancy is more of a mental disorder, however, there is a physical component. To deprive a woman of the imagination of her condition and to conduct the necessary course of therapy, we need the coordinated work of a psychotherapist and gynecologist.
The main risk group for the occurrence of a false pregnancy syndrome is experienced strong emotional and mental shocks, suspicious, susceptible personalities.Such women may have an overly sensual attitude towards the very thought of conceiving a child, either due to a heightened desire to give birth or, conversely, to indignation about it.
False pregnancies can occur in women over the age of 35 who are insanely wishing to have a baby with the futility of all attempts. The reasons may be hiding in the previously occurred miscarriages, the death of an already born child. A false pregnancy can be an organism's response to a woman’s desire to save a relationship with her spouse or to give birth before menopause. Much less often a similar condition can be associated with a pathological reluctance to have children, to take care of them.
In addition to the moments caused by the psyche of a woman, a false pregnancy may be associated with physical disabilities. Endocrine diseases or tumor development in the ovaries may be mistaken for this condition. The reasons really reveal only when referring to specialists.

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