What can wash away fukortsin?

Fukortsin - known to many a disinfector and antifungal agent, which is an analog of green. It is often prescribed to treat wounds, abrasions, cracks and rashes of various kinds. A bright color is provided by the ingredient in the fuchsin. It is the cause of long-term stay on the skin. It will take a long time to wait until the drug is washed off by itself, because we have prepared some useful secrets for you on how to do it faster.

Red brilliant green

Note to those who categorically refuse to use fukortsin because of the persistent color on the body: there is a colorless drug, but its effect is noticeably weaker, since it is fuchsin that tends to effectively fight fungi.

Now let's understand how and how you can wash away the red Zelenka.

From the face

The skin here is very sensitive, because aggressive agents such as alcohol will not work. What can replace them? Here are some effective options:

  1. Butter. Olive, sunflower, almond, any vegetable that you will find.After wetting them with a cotton pad, apply it on the necessary areas with a gentle massaging motion, then wipe it.
  2. Soap. The economic one will do the best. It must be grated, diluted in water, and wiped face. But be patient, repeat this manipulation at least 10 times.
  3. Lemon juice. Suitable for removing small residues. In the juice, you can moisten a cotton swab and wipe the areas where fukortsin remained.

Off the body

Here you can already apply more serious means. Here are tips for using them:

  1. Soap + peroxide. Mix in equal amounts of soap dissolved in water and peroxide. Use a soft brush to rub into the skin. This should be done very carefully, so as not to damage only the healed areas.
  2. Soap + Calendula. You need to do everything the same as in the previous version, replacing the peroxide tincture of calendula.
  3. Alcohol + salicylic acid. The proportions are the same, and the principle also. But it is worth considering that this method is not suitable for children's skin, as it can cause irritation and flaking.
  4. Nitrate + peroxide. Option for those who need to quickly get rid of crimson spots, and who are willing to tolerate a not too pleasant smell. It will take 1 tbsp.peroxide and 2 tbsp. ammonia. By itself, the liquid can be very dry, so it is recommended to add a little liquid soap to it.

Another, and undoubtedly more pleasant, option to remove fucorcin from the face and body is to visit a bath or sauna. As a result of thermal procedures, the skin will soften and it will be easier to remove the residues.

Sometimes “red zelenka” is irreplaceable, therefore, useful recommendations for its emergency removal should always be at hand.

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