What can you do if you are late for your flight?

Flight by plane is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to almost anywhere in the world. But, unfortunately, there are force majeure, and some passengers are late for their flights. And what to do in this case, is it possible to somehow correct the situation?

If you are late, but the plane has not flown yet

Any airline of all passengers warns in advance that they should arrive at the airport in advance to check in, check in their luggage, go through border control and finally take their place. So if you want to do everything, it is advisable to be at the destination about one and a half to two hours before the time specified in the ticket.

But even if you arrive on time, you can find a huge queue at the front desk. What to do in this case?

You can register at the point of express service, but it will be charged additionally. Also in some airports (but not all) there are special racks for late passengers. But such services are also not free.But they will help you to arrange documents and luggage, and even, probably, will be delivered to the aircraft by minibus.

What if the plane has already taken off?

What to do if you are still late for your plane? Of course, it will not be possible to get on it, it is a fact (no one will turn the vessel for you), so in any case the flight will have to be carried out by another flight. But what your losses will be depends on the class you were going to fly as well as on your further actions.

If you absolutely need to get to your destination, and in the very near future (and this is how it happens most often), then contact your airline representative for help (any airport employee will help you find it). Your task is to exchange a ticket and get on another nearest flight. If you have a first-class or business-class ticket, then consider yourself lucky.

In such cases, usually offer free seats for the nearest flights, probably with a minimum surcharge, and, perhaps, completely free. If you were planning to fly in the economy class department, then you too can meet, but you will probably have to pay a penalty for your late arrival.

Its size will depend on the conditions of your ticket and the fare of the proposed flight. If the flight date is not fixed, but open, it simplifies the situation, since changing the date and time of departure in this case will be much cheaper (this is stipulated by the conditions of the services provided by the airline).

If you are not in a hurry, you can return the ticket and purchase a new one. But do not expect that you will be fully repaid the entire amount, it is almost impossible to achieve this. In general, there is a law (Article 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation), according to which any passenger has the right to return the ticket and fully refund the cost, but no later than 24 hours before departure.

If the return is later, the price is also likely to be refunded, but only partially (with a fee that is 25% of the amount, that is, you can get the remaining 75%). But in fact, everything happens differently, it all depends on the airline and the conditions of the chosen fare.

If you have to transfer

If you are late for a connecting flight, then everything will depend on the specific situation. So, if your flight was delayed, that is, being late for the next is not connected with you, but occurred due to the fault of the air carrier, then he should bear the responsibility.Ideally, airline representatives will contact the airport docking station and book a ticket for another flight.

If you were late due to your own fault, then you will have to correct the mistakes yourself. Arriving at the docking airport, try to exchange a ticket or hand it over and purchase a new one. But it is better to resolve the issue in advance, for example, by phone or online. If you have any difficulties or questions, go to the counter with the words “Transfer information desk”.


And finally, some useful tips, observing that you can not be late for flights in the future:

  1. Always carefully check the date and time of departure in order to avoid missteps!
  2. If you need a connecting flight, then make sure that the transfer is not too short, otherwise you risk not having time, and not even through your own fault. 30-40 minutes is very little, because, after all, no one is insured against problems. The minimum period between flights must be at least 1.5-2 hours.
  3. Learn to plan time and always count it with a margin. Remember the possible force majeure! It is better to wait at the airport, look into the duty-free and relax, rather than hurry and nervous.
  4. Carefully study the conditions of the tariff of your ticket.
  5. If you have to transfer, in advance find out which airport you will arrive from, from which you will depart, how far from each other they are located.
  6. If you do not understand something, it is better to contact the airport staff for help.
  7. In any case, keep all checks confirming the payment of tickets, they can come in handy in a contentious situation.

Good luck to you! And try not to be late anyway.

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