What can you learn from feminists?

The theme of feminism in the coming year has subsided a bit (finally). And fortunately, everybody already imagines that this is a social phenomenon - not about frightening women who cannot care for themselves. And not about those who are against marriage or children. And not even about the ladies with the desire to achieve more than a man. Feminism gives a woman the main thing - permission to live according to her own scenario. Want to sit at home with the children? Sit down! Recognize this need in yourself and show off properly with the child without throwing home or work, which terrify the nervous system. Are you dreaming of a wondrous career - with business trips, subordinates and checkered trouser suits? Perfectly. Nobody mind! Do you think that you should not be beautiful and sneakers - the best shoes on earth? Wonderful! Especially when designers relate to the creation of this shoe as scrupulously as the rest.

In general, feminism is freedom and today is in its full manifestation. But the main thing that feminists do extremely well is to build relationships, paradoxically. And that's why.

  • Feminist clearly understands that she is not a girl who needs an adult to solve problems. A feminist is a mature, collected woman with dignity. She worked all existing patterns of behavior with past partners, analyzed the mistakes (perhaps she managed to come to an agreement or visited a therapist). She clearly understands that childhood is long over, parents are not chosen and all responsibility for their lives must be taken on.
  • Thanks to the first point, the feminist knows how to be an equal partner in a relationship. He knows when to give advice, and where it is better to remain silent. Maintains a man easily, without humiliation. She is not embarrassed to divide expenses in half - everyone in a pair is able to take responsibility. We can consider this approach too "cold" or unfeminine, but the feminist has no illusory idea of ​​men. Everything in her works on reciprocity, and this, as a rule, leads to healthy relationships.

What can you learn from feminists?

  • Despite their independence, feminists prefer strong men. These wise women do not choose anyone themselves - this is a direct path to a meeting with an indecisive loser who will have to be “educated”, to wait for decisive actions from him and so on.A feminist sees a whiner from afar and, having a certain experience, she will never let such a man to herself. Just to not waste either your own or someone else's time. Games, emotional swings and other psychological quirks - in the past. And in the present - only those who share her views and have an inner core.
  • A feminist knows what she needs from a relationship. She is not afraid to get a divorce if the situation requires it, nor does she reflect on the topic of age and children. A feminist makes an informed choice and listens to her heart. She knows that the decisions taken by the head are often disappointing. Of course, everyone can make mistakes, but not everyone can be honest with himself.
  • This woman has a clear idea of ​​what is good for her and what is unacceptable. If someone is willing to tolerate adultery, then this is definitely not a feminist. She will not waste his nerves on the re-education of a man (this is doomed to failure). If she is sure that the man who drinks is not her story, then at the first alarming bell she will collect things and leave. If in her coordinate system the ideal man is able to communicate with parents in an adult manner, then in case of a failure situation (for example,the man did not defend his point of view at a family dinner) she would make a choice in favor of her emotional balance and would not associate her life with him, understanding what it would turn out to be.

What can you learn from feminists?

  • Feminist values ​​personal space and demands the same from a partner. That is, no tantrums with the words "Where are you?" You are unlikely to hear from her. She is a self-sufficient person for whom a man will never be on a pedestal, and her mood is in no way connected with him. She has a hobby, friends, her plans at last. Feminists are good at not stifling a man with their love and care, as ninety percent of women do. Moreover, they will never think to get into someone else's phone or check social networks. The world of eternal suspicion is not her world.
  • And most importantly, the feminist is incredibly well-groomed and beautiful. She, contrary to popular belief, knows what epilation is, means for the body, care in salons. She knows what suits her, and without constraint, she wears only those things that emphasize the dignity of the figure, and not vice versa.

It may seem that a modern feminist is a robot girl who is a jeweler for any subject - from choosing clothes to creating relationships; he is not mistaken, does not forgive, does not allow to give a weakness to himself or others.Perhaps we just are not used to the fact that there is nothing wrong with this. Deep down we know it is good. That it is important to love yourself and that it is enough to allow the others to hurt themselves in any manifestation. We want, we really want to be feminists, but so far we lack the confidence or skills to become them. And, in addition to reading various articles on the best version of ourselves, the main thing is to put this into practice, because only in practice we see real results.

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