What does an account mean?

Any social network (Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.) or another web page requires certain actions from its users. What is this action?

First you need to register. When registering you need a login or email address and password. An account is created in the field of network technologies, which means "account".


The English word appeared in Russia quite recently, the original designation - "bank account". Over time, it becomes clearer what an account means. An account is a collection of Internet user data. The account contains more information, unlike the login, which only identifies the user's login to the desired site. That account stores all information about the user of the Internet.

Account profile

An account profile can contain a lot of additional information. In addition to the last name, first name, age, the profile contains information about preferences and interests. The need for some information is often justified. Various filters can be applied by age, including not allowing children to enter into unwanted content.According to interests: cinema, music, cars, knitting, cooking, etc., advertising can be selected and adjusted, groups, communities, etc. can be offered.


When you create an e-mail box on the mail server creates your account. What is the e-mail address for? It is created not only to receive any information from other Internet users, but also to receive a specially generated letter with a link that completes the registration. In addition, the attached mail allows you to identify a site visitor.

Account security

Since the information on the network is open, anyone can access your account. Therefore, it is not necessary in your profile to write all the information about yourself. Addresses, phones, photos, statuses, comments - all this can be in the hands of dishonest people. Even if the page in the social network is hidden, this does not mean that it is protected. You can not leave your usernames and passwords on the Internet, third-party people can use this.

Types of accounts

What is an account type? Account is divided into two types: personal or commercial (business).If you are on one type of account, but want to switch to another, you should first close the current one and then open a new one.

The personal account is the personal page of the Internet user in social networks.

On a commercial account are made both financial and technical operations.

By opening your own online store, after registering it in the offshore zone, you get a free tax business.

When you connect a Merchant Account, you can accept payments from customers, customers through the entire Internet. "Merchant Account" - in translation from English means a commercial, trading account. A commercial account allows you to accept payments only from plastic cards.

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