What is a Caliphate?

Natalya Safonova
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What is a Caliphate?

In Russian, there are many words borrowed from other languages. One of these mysterious concepts is the "Caliphate".

What is a "Caliphate"? This word is of Arabic origin ("Caliph" literally - heir or representative). Caliph is the highest title, the ruler of the Islamic state. The caliphate, therefore, implies a system of the theocratic state from the Islamic world, in which the caliph rules in accordance with the religious laws of Islam.

Also under the concept of "Caliphate" may be referred to a specific feudal state created by the Prophet Mohammed and subsequently headed by caliphs. It was created in the 7th-9th centuries AD in Western Arabia (in the Hejaz), the backbone of the nascent state was made up of righteous Muslims. In the sources of ancient Russian time, it was called the kingdom of Agarian.

Let us give examples of the use of the word "Caliphate":

  • The epoch of existence of the Arab Caliphate was the golden age of general Islamic science and art.
  • The Ottoman Empire became a Caliphate after the Sultan received the title of Caliph.

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