What is a cat cafe?

It happens that, in spite of the love for our lesser brothers, not everyone can afford to have a pet at home. There are a number of objective reasons for this - the living space, the wool allergy of one of the relatives does not allow, or there is a small child in the house whose communication with furry animals is still undesirable, and, perhaps, the person is simply so busy that he will not have time to care for your pet.

In this case, you can cuddle and enjoy the company of tailed four-legged friends by going to a specialized cafe where cats and cats are the main owners.

Rest in a pleasant company

Now such institutions are at the peak of popularity. In Japan, their number is already approaching two hundred. There you can not only have a tasty lunch, but also have a good time.

The first cat cafe opened in 2004 in the Japanese city of Osaka, and within a short period of time the idea became popular throughout Asia and successfully moved to Europe.

Usually, animals quietly walk around and can calmly lie down on the hands of visitors.The owners say that the main feature of their establishments is to establish contact between people thanks to their pets. Otherwise, all the guests would have sat as usual in their gadgets, lazily eating up lunch. A joint interest in animals stimulates dating, communication and interesting meetings.

In addition, psychologists have long proved that purging soothes and brings the nervous system into the state of proper balance, lowering blood pressure and helping to improve the overall condition of the body. Therefore, communication with the Fuzzies is not only pleasant, but also beneficial to health.

Special rules

In every self-respecting institution of this type, cats are carefully looked after. They have separate houses and bowls, and they never forget about bathing, combing and manicure procedures. Therefore, visitors are required to comply with certain rules.

  1. You can not raise your voice on animals.
  2. If they do not want to play or do not make contact, they must be let go.
  3. It is forbidden to bring food or toys.

But in this case, cats are allowed everything: to drink water or milk from cups, to sharpen claws in any convenient place, to walk on the tables and rest in the place you like.

The most famous places

The first kota coffee shop in Europe opened in St. Petersburg in 2011. This well-known institution is now called the "Cat Republic" and has 15 inhabitants of various breeds. Besides the fact that you have the opportunity to meet and play with them, specialists (psychologists, felinologists) will tell you how to properly care for your pets and understand their mood.

Another popular cafe with fluffy residents appeared in 2012 in Vienna (Austria). The owner, who knew how to organize an unusual vacation spot, had a very hard time. It turned out that in Austria, for this it is necessary to collect a huge number of permits, which took as much as 3 years.

The real Temple for the cat (and this is the name of the cafe) is in Germany. Mostly vegetarian food is cooked here, and the kitchen is securely separated from the seating area. So those who are concerned about hygiene can be absolutely calm.

If cats lose the desire to communicate with guests, they can retire in a specially allocated room, where no one has the right to disturb them.

Some establishments also practice living animals taken from shelters.Thus, pets can find a host who, after drawing up the relevant documents, can take him home.

Kotokafe is a great place for a pleasant relaxation and a real outlet for city dwellers who want to be quiet and enjoy the measured in a pleasant company.

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