What is a disaster?

January 27, 2015
What is a disaster?

Many concepts used in the Russian language are derived from foreign words. For example, the word "catastrophe" came to us from the Greek language. Initially, it designated the dominant event, preceding the decoupling or causing it, in classical dramatic works. Other values ​​are more relevant today. Consider what a disaster.

Different meanings

A catastrophe is a serious incident arising from an emergency. It is the cause of death of people, as well as other irreparable tragic consequences for a certain object (train accident, car accident).

Also, using this term, it is customary to denote the hopeless or hopeless position in which the object is located (Catastrophe! I am lost).

In addition, a catastrophe is also a grand event characterized by global consequences (global catastrophe).

Use of the concept

In the modern world, it is customary to distribute disasters according to their complexity. Allocate:

  • Cosmic catastrophes affecting galaxies, stars or planets.
  • The catastrophes of the geosphere, representing the violation of the atmosphere, hydrosphere or stratosphere.
  • Catastrophes of the biosphere.
  • Social disasters.
  • Man-made disasters.
  • Car accidents.
  • Railway accidents.

The terms “disaster” are commonly referred to as “accident”, “cataclysm” and “crash”.

Now you know what a catastrophe is and can correctly use this term.

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