What is a manicure for hair

Manicure hair does not require the use of traditional oxidants, loosening the structure of the hair in order to penetrate it. The paint used for this procedure usually contains safe inks that have not only coloring, but also a healing effect. The composition of such ink includes vegetable proteins, mixed with nutrients that penetrate deep into the hair and long linger in them. Proteins not only strengthen the hair, but also actively contribute to their growth.
The result of such a procedure as a hair manicure will be noticeable after the first wash. Hair will still remain healthy and filled with strength, and the resulting color will not lose the original tone. Even after a long time the hair will not lose its color, but only become a little lighter.
In the main range of colors used for manicure hair, contains as many as thirty-four shades.But do not think that the flight of fantasy can be limited only to them, because when mixing these shades you can get almost infinite color range. Moreover, the resulting colors, if desired, can be made as natural as possible, as well as extreme.
However, hair manicure can be used not only for dyeing, but also for the treatment of strands, because the paint used can heal injured hair and restore it to its former strength. For these purposes, you can use the composition without the dye. The result of this procedure will not be the acquisition of a new color, but the treatment and strengthening of hair, after which their natural color will become more saturated and deep. This method has no contraindications, so almost all women can use it. It is enough from time to time to do a salon manicure of hair in order to get an amazing head of hair.
Used in the implementation of this procedure, the paint has a lot of advantages. It dyes hair well, and also strengthens and nourishes it to the roots. This paint contains high-quality pigments, with which you can get rid of gray hair without any problems.
With the help of a manicure, you can drastically change the natural hair color, as well as strengthen their tips. In addition, this procedure allows you to get rid of brittleness and reduce hair loss. The paint used for manicure gives a durable and saturated color, because its molecules firmly adhere to the surface of the strands.

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