What is a sphere?

The concept of "sphere" is familiar to us since school. For example, the sphere is studied in geometry, the spheres of social life are in social studies, and the services are spoken about economics. When we finish our studies, we look for a field of activity that is close to us.

And what is the scope? Let's figure it out.

Sphere in geometry

The sphere is a word of Greek origin. Literally, it translates as "ball" or "ball." Indeed, the sphere and the sphere are very similar concepts in mathematics. However, the sphere is, first of all, a surface of revolution. It is formed from the rotation of the semicircle around its diameter. At the same time, the sphere is the surface of the ball. In geometry, the basic formulas for calculating various parameters of the sphere are derived:

  • Sphere area: S = 4πr2= πd2
  • Volume of a sphere bounded by a sphere: 4 / 3πr3
  • The area of ​​the sphere segment: s = 1πrH, where H is the height of the segment.

Interestingly, the sphere has the smallest area of ​​all geometric surfaces that would limit this volume. That is why a drop of water in the fall becomes spherical.

In modern geometry, there is a whole section that studies various properties of a sphere, describes various shapes on its surface.

You can learn about other terms and concepts in geometry from the articles in the Geometric concepts section.

Sphere in natural science

With the description of the sphere as a geometric concept, discoveries began to appear in other natural sciences. For example, in ancient Greece there was a concept of harmony of spheres. One of the key concepts of this theory is “music of the spheres”. In addition, at the same time, the theory was spread that all celestial bodies are spheres filled with ether, which revolve around the planet Earth in a special way. It was their postulates that Nicolaus Copernicus took as a basis. Until now, the sphere is a key descriptive term for astronomers, in particular, the concept: "the celestial sphere."

The concept of "sphere" is found in modern natural sciences. In ecology, for example, they talk about the sphere of habitat - the place where a certain kind of living creatures live.

In medicine, this concept is used in ophthalmology. So, the sphere is called the optical power of the lens, expressed in diopters.

Spheres of society

The concept of "sphere" is not only in the exact sciences. So, for example, in sociology and social studies there is the concept of "sphere of public life".This term is understood as a certain stable relationship between social objects. Simply put, areas of society are large systems of social life. For example, social, economic, political, spiritual, etc.

Naturally, all spheres of society influence each other. In addition, it is important that these are dynamic formations, which can vary greatly depending on events and time. And depending on the time, the influence of any of the spheres may be stronger. For example, in the Middle Ages, the spiritual sphere was dominant over others.

Field of activity

What is the scope of activity can be considered in two ways: in broad and narrow. In a broad sense, this is a certain area or range of actions within which professional activity of a person (for example, jurisprudence, clinical psychology, trade, etc.) extends. The narrow meaning of the term applies to a particular organization. Thus, the scope of activities understand the services and works that are provided for by the charter of an organization or enterprise. In fact, this is what the organization can do. The field of activity in this case is regulated by law.

Scope of communication

In the social sciences there is another use of the concept of "sphere."Thus, the sphere of communication is understood as a certain part of human activity, which has similar conditions of communication, used words (for example, jargon or terms), as well as the use of language itself. For example, in the field of education they say completely differently than in industrial production. The sphere of communication can be industry (relating to communication in the framework of some activity), as well as interpersonal communication (for example, within the family, company, etc.).

As you can see, the concept of "sphere" is quite broad and can be applied in various fields.

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