What is anti-aging cosmetics?

Probably, it is now difficult to meet a woman who would not strive to prolong the youth of her skin, because when the time comes and the first wrinkles appear, we are doing everything possible to help her somehow.

The most important thing is to do it competently and systematically, to know what is required exactly in your case, and also not to miss the moment, because it may be too late and you will have to resort to other, more serious, methods.

We are talking about plastic surgery and all kinds of injections, to which, of course, not every woman will go. But, in order to delay this moment as long as possible, a great many cosmetological and dermatological centers are working hard, inventing ever more sophisticated means of anti-aging cosmetics.

The main thing to look gorgeous

What is this miracle? How does such anti-aging cosmetics for the face, and when she can start to use? After all, most of the bubbles and bottles have strict dates - after 30 years, after 40 years and more.It turns out that it is impossible to keep your skin in good shape with such means beforehand? Let's figure it out.

All you can, the main thing is to find out for yourself, but is it worth it. The appearance of wrinkles, discoloration of the face and decrease in the elasticity of the skin of the face are natural processes that usually begin to manifest themselves in the body of a woman aged about 23-25 ​​years. But this does not mean that exactly at midnight, as you turn 23 years old, you need to run to the store for your first jar of anti-aging cream or serum!

Such a difference in age-related changes usually depends on several main factors: a genetic predisposition, that is, if in your family all women look much younger than their years, this suggests that, most likely, you will suffer such a pleasant fate.

Such women, most likely, will have to resort to all sorts of tricks much later, but, of course, nobody canceled the main skin care!

The second point that has a significant impact on the state of female youth and beauty is a way of life. Yes, do not be surprised, but smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, improper and unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity - all this leads to premature aging of the skin.

Healthy skin is gorgeous

So, when to start using anti-aging cosmetics? Experts recommend starting such products no earlier than 30 years, and that, if age-related changes are really visible, and good skin can still wait without any problems. Why you should not start using anti-aging remedies in advance, so to speak, to crush the problem in its foundation?

The fact is that at an early age, the production of elastin and collagen, which give the skin a toned and fresh look, should be carried out without external interventions. If in youth to supply themselves with such artificial assistants, the skin will begin to "be lazy", limiting the production of such necessary components before the due date.

For the age group under the age of 30, there are special means, for example, lifting serums or active nourishing creams, which are specially created for young girls.

Do not save on such funds.

They nourish the skin and have a light "tightening" effect, but no more. But it also happens that after 25 years, the girls begin to feel the first signs of skin fading - constant dryness, a feeling of "tightness"The first wrinkles and a decrease in tone are quite understandable, because it is during this period that the production of collagen and its own moisturizer slows down.

Externally, the skin may look normal, but from the inside it is already fading, so it's time to study the range of anti-aging remedies on offer.

What are the best anti-aging products?

It is very important when choosing the next miracle bubble, to pay attention not to the ubiquitous advertisement or bright label, but to the composition of the product itself, because it is the components that influence how it acts.

  • Hyaluronic acid. Recently, this component has become the number one element that I would like to meet in anti-aging remedies, because its direct responsibilities include maintaining the water balance of the skin, which contributes to increased regeneration of the skin, and hence a fresh and pleasant complexion. Hyaluronic acid accelerates the synthesis of important substances such as elastin and collagen, thereby slowing down the loss of tone and elasticity, preventing the formation of wrinkles. If you notice a strong thinning of the upper skin, a pronounced dryness and peeling of the skin, a sharp appearance of wrinkles, then this indicates a lack of this important component.
  • Collagen.All of our skin is a complex network, the main particle, which is collagen protein. Over time, our body produces it all in smaller quantities, so the upper skin becomes thin, flabby and nondescript shade. Collagen of animal origin, which is extracted from cattle hides, is useless, it is not able to be absorbed by human skin, as it has differences in its composition. Therefore, it is reasonable to acquire those funds that contain plant collagen in their composition, the small size of its molecules makes it easy to penetrate into the human cell, where, in fact, it is decomposed into components that ensure the growth of collagen in the body. But with such means one should be careful, use only in case of real and visible problems.
  • Vitamin complex.Not one anti-aging agent can do without such essential elements for the human body, the classics of the genre are vitamin C and E. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals and ultraviolet radiation, and vitamin C provides active formation of collagen fibers.

How much can a rejuvenating cream or serum cost?

The question is actually delicate, because the number of offers on the market of cosmetic products is very large, and prices, respectively, also vary from small to the most expensive.

Naturally, the most expensive is professional cosmetics, where the price of one jar of a miraculous cream or serum can reach about $ 100-150. There are prices for a simple buyer - $ 10-15 per bottle of cream or serum. It is best, of course, to purchase whole sets of anti-aging cosmetics, which act in a complex and much more efficient way.

The most important thing in all this is to remember that no matter how far scientific research has come in this area, but the means for eternal youth have not yet been precisely invented, therefore all such inventions should be treated with caution.

It is not for nothing that they say that young and beautiful need to be protected from an early age, providing her proper care even when she is bursting with beauty and health.

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