What is the best way to wear a blue coat?

Agree, there are things that can brighten up even the most sad state at any time of the year. This is your favorite clothes, wearing which you instantly invigorate, forget about the unbearable heat, unbearable rain and slush, snow drifts, bad mood and other unpleasant things, and are ready to literally move mountains. Today we will talk about the blue coat, which can easily be included in the list of things that are “made your day”.

No sadness and boredom!

Blue has long been one of the basic colors, so for women who want to create brighter, but not too catchy images, stylists recommend purchasing outerwear of exactly that color.

Coats in this color scheme can easily fit into both casual and solemn bow, depending on the style and color scheme.

But, going for a purchase, it is worth remembering a few general recommendations:

  1. Stylists recommend dark-haired girls to choose deep shades of blue, and owners of light-colored hair will suit rich, and even neon colors. But there are no strict restrictions, the main thing is that you like and fit the thing.
  2. Equally important is the combination with other items of clothing, so it is worth remembering that the most winning combinations can be created in a pair with white, black, red, yellow, beige and lilac.
  3. If it is difficult to decide on a style, give preference to the classic - a double-breasted version of the average length of a dark blue color scheme.

Find the right pair

Now it's time to talk about how to wear such outerwear. And start by creating ensembles based on the length of the coat:

A short.It is worth noting immediately that these are the models, not below the line of the knees. Best of all, they are combined with tight pants and jeans. It can be skinny and even models with leather inserts, as well as shortened versions of the pants.

The top can be presented by a blouse - monophonic or with a decor (an embroidery, a print, beautiful buttons), and also a top, a turtleneck or a thin knitted jumper. From shoes fit classic pumps, loafers or ankle boots made of suede.

Accessories of silver and burgundy color - hat, handbag or gloves will look good.

Particularly stylish with a blue coat will look plum-colored clothing.Moreover, stylists are allowed to wear trousers and a turtleneck in this tone, without fear that the top and bottom may merge.

Do not forget about the dresses, but adhere to the important rule - his hem should not be longer than the hem of the coat, more than 10 cm.

Long. Especially stylish thing maxi length will look unbuttoned, of course, if the weather permits. These are good basic clothes for street style.

A great option for fashionable bow - leather things. These can be leggings, a short dress or shorts. All this can be worn in a pair with sneakers or high boots.

You can also use blue jeans with lapels or shortened trousers, and as a top - a pastel shade sweater. For a warm autumn under the coat is appropriate to wear a dress shirt from thick material.

Also, when choosing a kit, it is important to choose the right things that are combined in style:

Business. A blue coat of straight cut to the length of the knee will look great on top of a strict dress-case or ensemble with classic trousers. A trendy version without a collar can be perfectly complemented with a beautiful neck scarf or knitted snuff that can simultaneously serve as a headdress.

Casual.In this case, you can experiment with a blue tweed or cashmere jacket with a stand-up collar, or a mid-thigh coat, with jeans of different colors — blue, gray, gray-black. Current length - 7/8.

City Style. Your taste and fantasy play a big role here. For those who do not want to look the same with a hundred girls in coats of the same color as yours, stylists recommend playing on accessories. Palatines, “generously” wrapped around your shoulders, wide shawls with ethnic motifs, or a lime-colored handbag will definitely give you a bright personality.

Romance. A fashionable and feminine image will come if you choose a blue coat with a flared bottom. Under it is perfect dress with a floral print.

As for shoes, everything is very democratic here. These can be either heeled or low-speed models. The option with sneakers, moccasins or loffers is also welcomed.

The most successful colors are base black, brown, beige; from bright - red, green, white. But it is worth considering that the combination of several bright colors can significantly "cheapen" your onions.

From the headgear of the fair sex can choose a knitted hat, silk scarf or wide-brimmed hat. You can also make an extra touch of personality with a belt and gloves.

The blue coat is an original and universal thing. Having settled in your wardrobe, it will make it more vibrant and extravagant, and you - noticeable and stylish.

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