What is dangerous drankoreksiya?

The desire to keep up with modern trends is often affected by an extremely negative experience: the fair sex, who are too fixated on their own weight, are prone to the accomplishment of dangerous acts.

The list of such dangers include various strict diets, restrictions on the necessary portion of food, and sometimes partial or complete rejection of such. It also recalls the diseases of the XXI century, among them - anorexia, obesity, bulimia and many others.

All of them are extremely serious, they have consequences that sometimes a sick person cannot cope with. Along with all these problems, there was one more, today it even got its own name - drankorexia.

What is drancorexia? Although unofficially, but already today such a condition is attributed to dangerous illnesses that mainly affect the younger generation and, to a greater extent, girls. The dynamics of its growth causes serious concerns on the part of specialists - about 7% per year, which, you will agree, is a serious indicator.

Drancorexia has English roots: from "drunk", which means "to drink", and Greek "orexia", which translates as "attraction." But this is not exactly the same thing as alcohol addiction.

This condition is a serious violation of the food function: a person deliberately tries to replace the “food” calories we receive from food with “alcoholic”, thus hoping to lose or at least not gain extra kilos.

How does it come about?

By the way, such a problem often arises from a very harmless impulse: for example, you know that in the evening there will be a party with alcoholic beverages. The girl refuses an extra portion of snacks or a hot one in favor of a glass of wine, which is known to be very high in calories.

Of course, this will not lead to tragic consequences, perhaps it is even reasonable, but only if her daily diet contains all the necessary products with which she receives an appropriate portion of nutrients and vitamins. Problems begin when alcohol begins to partially or almost completely replace any food.

You can consider another situation: often after a hard day's work, we reward ourselves in the evening with a glass of wine or a glass of which is stronger,in order to relax and quietly go on vacation. One can talk for hours about the dubious benefits of such an act, but this is not the point.

Experts noticed that along with this not the most useful habit, another one appeared: to miss the evening meal in favor of a glass of alcohol.

In particular, this tendency is noticeable among women who easily explain their behavior: there are far fewer calories in a glass of alcohol than on a plate of even a light dinner. And the feeling of fullness still appears, exactly, like the feeling of relaxation.

As you already understood, the main reason for the occurrence of such a disease is increased control over its own weight, which is also aggravated by the desire to drink. Alcohol in large doses dulls the feeling of hunger, which for some time deprives the body of the need to get a full portion of nutrition.

The development of this state leads to further eating disorders: the body refuses to eat normally, resulting in deteriorating work of the immune system, disrupting the work of metabolism, and also increases the load on the heart and blood vessels.

The whole situation, in addition, is greatly complicated by the alcohol dependence that has appeared. It turns out that Drancorexia is a kind of fusion of two other problems - alcoholism and anorexia.

By the way, young people (adolescents and students) fall into the main risk group, and their excessive use of alcoholic beverages is one of the age-related problems.

Another reason for the emergence of drankorexia is saving. Students buy their own alcohol, but, at the same time, refuse a portion of lunch or dinner. In addition, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases intoxication, which also plays an important role in refusal to eat.

As a result, the body is depleted, because in alcoholic drinks, although calories exist, they are considered “empty” and completely useless for the body, they do not contain vitamins and essential trace elements.

How to treat?

When the experts came to the conclusion that Drancorexia is also a disease, then another question arose before them: how to get rid of it? What if this illness met on your way? Psychologists recommend to closely monitor the eating habits of a person whom you suspect of drankoreksii.

If your doubts are justified, then first you need to talk with this person, find out his level of awareness of this topic. It is possible that there can not do without professional communication with a psychologist who will help to cope not only with the disorder itself, but also side mental problems.

In addition, if the disease is in a fairly advanced degree, it would not hurt the intervention of a nutritionist who will be able to restore the diet, make it balanced and full.

Most likely, you will have to start small, and only patience and care from your relatives can lead to a real result. Usually, when the work of the digestive tract is fully established, alcohol dependence disappears by itself.

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