What is fashionable to wear this fall 2013? (18 photo)

Thanks to the recent fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan, a clear picture of what things will be at the peak of popularity in the fall of 2013 can be formed, which will certainly help real fashionistas who can already prepare for the next season.

And we have good news, the autumn collections are many-sided, elegant and refined, they are not inferior to their favorite summer fashion. The highlights of the 2013 autumn fashion are the primacy of saturated colors, the vibrant return of the cage and luxurious royal style, which is mixed with art prints, retro-directionality and fur trimming on almost any outfit.

All in the box!

If you closely follow the fashion shows, then you probably know that spring and summer fashion was full of stripes, which absolutely did not affect the autumn!

The autumn season promises to be "in the box", and in every thing, this is a real violent explosion of the upcoming season. First of all, it concerns the clothes in the Scottish cage, which is able to give your image a truly British motifs,You can refresh your everyday style based on the latest fashion trends.

Kletochka is welcomed in everything: narrow or wide pants, certainly not be left without attention of the shirt in the cage, as well as dresses and skirts. The main colors of the “cellular” season are green, burgundy, red, purple and pistachio.

There are a lot of variants of various combinations in which the main role will be played by clothes in a cell. An excellent example is a combination of a shirt in a box with narrow trousers or a short skirt, and shorts with a high waist will do.

One of the most risky, but at the same time interesting combinations: a cell with a kilt skirt, or, for example, a cropped check coat with narrow jeans. By the way, one more combination that is recommended by fashion house designers: combining the cage with animal and floral prints. Oddly enough, but such a composition looks very good.

Popular skirts and dresses

After short and open summer models, autumn skirts have noticeably lengthened, apparently, designers are actively preparing for the cold weather. If we touch on the style features, then we can come to the conclusion that there are two main directions at the peak of popularity.

The first is a midi skirt, strict and chaste, the second is a long skirt, which must be decorated with a slit of allowable length.

As you know, midi is something between a mini and a maxi, in other words, a length that reaches just below the knees. Such clothes are really perfect for autumn, and you don’t have to freeze, but on the other hand the legs are still open.

Another characteristic feature of the fall skirts of 2013 is giving the silhouette austerity, but at the same time femininity. Such skirts are perfectly combined with leather jackets, as well as soft sweaters and blousons.

Long skirts with cuts - a very practical, but at the same time refined version, which is able to emphasize all the advantages of a figure with the help of light fabrics, which are very popular among models of such skirts. At the same time, the incision reaches only the level that allows for a woman, thus it is easy to hide the flaws.

As for the dresses, at the expense of their length there are no specific prohibitions and recommendations, but the most popular length is up to the knees. The highlight of this season are dresses decorated with fur collars and inserts, as well as patent leather and matte leather.

In general, in the coming autumn season, fur and leather are more popular than ever.They are actively used in coats and capes, dresses and jackets. By the way, as for the skin, this season the lacquer models have returned, which in all their glory are presented in raincoats and in a sheath dress.

Men's wardrobe

It's no secret that the elements of men's fashion have long settled in women's wardrobes for a long time, sometimes you don’t even think that once it was a man’s thing. This autumn season is not without surprises, if you pay attention to the collections of famous fashion houses, for example, Vanessa Bruno or Yohji Yamamoto, then you can see deliberately coarse women's business suits, which, according to designers, reflect the modern look on female masculinity.

These include wide, spacious trousers with arrows, a jacket with a wide shoulder line, and wide ties, and as an unusual decor, asymmetric cuts and hidden fasteners.

What clothes are most often worn by women in the fall? That's right, coats, jackets and raincoats. Naturally, creative fashion designers have not avoided this important layer of autumn clothes. So, what awaits us?


As we have already said, retro and sophisticated femininity is in fashion again, which is why coats that have a slim fit and motifs of the 60s of the last century are the most popular this season.Such models give the figure grace, a woman becomes a sophisticated woman, especially attention is paid to the waist.

The emphasis on it is done with the help of various bright belts and straps. Mostly the classic cut is traced in the models, but the lower part of the coat is still modified;

This season, rounded shoulders do not give up, as if they were puffed up with air, this has its own trick, which is reflected not only in outerwear, but also in dresses and shirts. The rounded shoulders are followed by an extended waist, as well as a lowered armhole of the sleeve, which adds to the special specificity and distinctive features of this model.

Also, the coats in the spirit of Coco Chanel, well-known to everyone, which are imbued with a unique sophisticated style, as well as French charm, have returned to fashion. Such models allow not only to demonstrate a beautiful coat, but also to show everyone long gloves and a stylish handbag, which, as well as possible, are combined with this way.


As for the color solutions, everything is as before, there are no significant discoveries. Everything is also in fashion black and white classics, which can be traced most in the collections of dresses and skirts, their combination in one image is especially popular.

The indisputable trend of this season are all shades of blue, it can rightly be called a favorite. Constant red, as well as violet and mustard flashes are also relevant in this autumn season. As for fabrics, velvet is especially popular, especially with jackets and dresses.

The same applies to fur trim, as well as leather, this season there is a trend towards crocodile skin, as well as animal colors: leopards, tigers and zebras. Well, and it will be artificial or natural, it is up to you to decide.

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