What is a fax?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 23, 2015
What is a fax?

A fax is a telecommunications technology that transmits images using electrical signals. The first fax system was demonstrated in 1902, but devices of this type are still popular. In this article we will talk more about what fax is and how this device works.

How it works?

Fax scans the page in narrow stripes, the width of which is about one thousandth of an inch. After that, the bands are divided into small sections, which are called raster elements. Special mechanical lenses of the fax using light sensors react to shades of black and white: black is transmitted as a binary zero, white - as a unit.

The modulator, which is part of the fax, converts the digital code into electric waves, which are sent in the same way that voice is transmitted over the telephone. On the receiving side, all procedures are repeated in the reverse order.

Who needs a fax?

Although there is e-mail today, fax is still popular.Many large companies use the fax, explaining this fact by the fact that many extra letters arrive in the mail, including spam, and in such a heap it is not surprising to miss something important. Fax also plays the role of a kind of filter and helps not to miss the really valuable information.

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